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How To Turn A Brand Into An Empire in 5 Steps – Business Moguls Cole and Kelsea Moscatel Share Their Secrets On How To Be A Success!



Whether you have a brand already in the works or so far have only come up with the idea, it is possible to turn that passion of yours into an incredibly successful empire. What started as an idea turned brand for us, has now skyrocketed into an actual empire as big as we dreamt it to be. With clients around the globe, the one-percenters world wide trust our business over others. Turning your ideas into multi-million dollar companies is not easy, but by following our guidelines, it is possible.

Dream Huge, Not Big

The first step is short and sweet, but oh so powerful. We don’t believe in dreaming “big”, we believe in dreaming “huge”. The power of the mind is bigger than you think and will take you farther when you really believe you can achieve something incredible. The bigger you dream, the more likely you are to accomplish more than the ordinary. Success doesn’t come from achieving things others have done, it comes from being different and accomplishing the unusual. Don’t forget that as you are starting out.

Don’t do anything until you have done the following:

Does your idea and or brand have an end goal that works? Fine tune the process of the end goal, then you know you can start to put things together. Use every single day to make connections. Whether it be at a grocery store or at an entrepreneurial mixer, your communication skills and likeability will get you farther than you imagined. After you have been working on those things, you should have an idea of potential clients. Whether those clients be actual people you’ve thought of or met, or just the general audience to target, once you have finalized that you can really get the ball rolling.

Figure out your system

A business model or plan isn’t the same for everyone. Your “system” comes in two parts. The first comes before you have hired anyone, the second comes once you have a team. Figure out the flow of things on your own first. What works for what you’re trying to do with your brand? Cookie cutter doesn’t work when building an empire. Find out what equals success and run with it! Then you can implement that in your team. Once you have a team, the system you use could shift around a little, which is only normal once you have others involved. Regardless, systems will keep you in order and your business running smoothly.

Hire the right people

This one is crucial. Here are three things to remember when hiring:

  1. Is this person trustworthy? You may not always be able to tell right away but ask questions while interviewing that will be telling on whether you can trust this person or not.
  2. Does this person believe in your brand? You want someone who wants to grow with your brand and be a part of turning it into an empire. You certainly do not want someone that is just looking for a job to have a job. You need someone with passion and who will become passionate about what you need their help to accomplish.
  3. Hard. Worker. Empire building only comes from the right people and hard work. Someone who has done a lot and has that drive will be clear to you in an interview. Go with someone who will work as hard as you will.

Never Listen To A “No” But Always Listen To Constructive Criticism

When you are first starting out, you really don’t know it all. Ask executives, ask your parents, ask other entrepreneurs what they think (without telling them too much of course, never spill the details unless necessary). People with experience always offer good feedback and advice simply from just playing the game longer than you have. Always listen with an open mind and always ask multiple people. If you hear a lot of the same responses you either know you’re on the right path or something needs to change. Now if you hear a “no”, give them a “no” right back. We do not believe in “no’s” we believe in “change this” or “change that”. If it’s a “no”, keep trying or keep making changes. It just takes one yes to launch your empire!

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