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How to make treadmill running less boring (tips and tricks)




Nothing is as calming as running outdoors: the feel of the wind on your face, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the freedom of space, and the eternal fresh air. That is why running on the treadmill can be so dull.

Besides, no one likes to run next to a stranger that’s regularly using his sweat spray. Nevertheless, the “dreadmill” is a necessary evil. Lucky for you, and with the help of Sports Domain Lab, we share some tips you can use to make the experience much more alluring.

1. Do It With Friends

Friends will make your experience much more bearable. Tell each other attractive and funny stories as you run. Or you can have some friendly competition on the treadmill. Set a standard speed and see who gets to give up first, and let them pay for your protein shake bill after the workout.

2. Listen To Your Favorite Podcast

Who said you couldn’t run and learn? So put on your podcast and learn something new while you run. The best part about podcasts is that most of them include funny hosts. So you might get a little laugh or two, making you forget you are on a treadmill altogether. 

You can also make the experience easier by playing a longer podcast than your stipulated running time. You might find yourself spending more time on the treadmill than you’d planned. Some podcasts you can listen to include the runner’s world podcast, another mother runner, and school of greatness.

3. Download Some Running Apps

These work best for you if you need some extra energy in your run. Think of your running App as your virtual coach. They will work with you through the entire session, give you tips on how you can maximize the workout, and challenge you to do better.

Adding a training coach is not a bad idea either because they won’t let you give up until you reach your target. Besides, knowing that someone is counting on you to finish your run is an excellent workout motivator.

4. Watch Your Favorite Show

Don’t reserve Netflix for chill moments. Add a screen to your home gym, and when it’s treadmill day, put on your favorite show or movie. Running will not seem so dry if your mind is getting some entertainment. You can also put on some music and run to the beats of the song. Add some dance moves into the run if you can; make it fun.

5. Cover The Monitor

A watched clock never turns – leave your milk on the stove for a second, and you’ll see. So if push comes to shove, cover your monitor. Think about it this way; if you cannot see the time, you cannot tell how long you’ve been running. However, remember to set the time before you start your run and wait for the clock to chime. Until then, fantasize away and enjoy your run.

6. Focus On Your Form

Thinking about running while you are running seems counterintuitive. Nevertheless, it will give your mind something to think about, which will, in turn, make time move faster. Besides, form is a vital part of working out. Therefore, there is no harm to ensuring your body posture is right.

You will additionally get better running results. So take note of your legs, arms, neck, core, and shoulders. Tighten your belly and keep your shoulders straight, then take long powerful steps and make sure your arms are moving in sync with your stride.

7. Stop Running

Weird right? But it works. Don’t stop exercising, however. When you stop running, start doing other interval workouts. These include strength training, walking, or butt kicks, anything to keep you on the go.


The only thing you need to remember when you are on the treadmill is that only your rules apply. Do what feels right for you. Take breaks when you need to, invite your friends over for a friendly competition, and get your body moving.

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