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How Harrison Nevel Gained 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers




Have you ever thought of a way how you can earn a living while you have fun? Well, most working-class individuals are in a career which they are not passionate about. What pushes most of them is the basic need rather than passion. As a result, they tend to live a not so happy and fulfilled life. By following their dreams they are unlocking their true potential while boosting their happiness. 

Harrison Nevel knew this very well. At the age of twenty-five, Harrison had already identified his niche creating videos online for millions to view. 

A Little About Harrison Nevel

Harrison was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He is a multi-faceted content creator specializing in YouTube and sneakers. He has over 1.8 million followers across his social channels and is generating millions of views and interactions each month. When Harrison was a full-time college student and at the same time working an almost full-time job he struggled to get by. Still, his determination to attain his end goal became a driving force that led him to make an indelible mark in the online platform as a YouTuber.

What uniquely identifies Harrison is his impeccable approach to a competitive environment. The YouTube platform’s terrain is a captivating factor that keeps him on his toes to evolve and stay at the top consistently.

The journey to gaining more than a million subscribers was an uphill task. For the past ten years, Harrison has posted different genres of his videos, cutting across technology, gaming, and arts. However, none of the above led to any success, which made him critically analyze his strategic approach. He later decided to focus on one specific niche, sneakers. He posted one video a week for one year straight on sneakers and clothing and he blew up.  

Having prepared and posted the content on YouTube, Harrison then moved to set his target goals in the following angles; the number of subscribers to rise to at least 5,000 by the end of the first year and, on average, one million total views. If he didn’t achieve the set goals, he would have gone back to the drawing board to re-evaluate his content and try a different approach.

However, the results for the first year were unimaginable, 32,000 subscribers, and he gradually kept growing the following year to 150,000. He now has over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and almost 400,000 Instagram followers worldwide with millions of viewers being registered each month. 

He advises all the aspiring YouTubers and the general public to ensure that they take their task and perform it for fun and not just for monetary purposes. You have the potential in you to achieve the best out of any situation if you fully dedicate yourself to completing it. Most importantly, set aside at least one day every week to reset your mind and spend time with your family. They are worth your time and attention.  

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