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How Tara Electra Established ‘Unruly Agency’ and Dominated the Social Media Marketing World Today




In a world where most industries are dominated by male bosses, boss lady Tara Electra has had her fair share of being doubted as a female entrepreneur. But the fearless business leader takes this as a challenge that fuels her to strive harder in building her empire in the social media marketing arena. She now shares how she established the Unruly Agency as one of the most highly-sought after modeling and multimedia marketing companies dominating the global social media scene today.

Unruly Agency is a full-service company catering to influencers, models, and celebrities looking to take their brands to the summit of success. Led by Tara Electra, the Unruly team takes on a wide range of services ranging from management, content creation, social media marketing, advertising, and more. Noteworthy is the fact that all services take on an innovative and brilliant approach that makes them unique from the rest. Since its inception in 2019, the company has helped clients generate millions of dollars in revenue while helping their professional endeavors stand out in the industry. At present, the company represents top names in social media and engages over 200 million audiences across different platforms. 

Tara Electra is the beauty and brains behind the success of Unruly Agency. But before becoming the renowned entrepreneur and social media maven she is today, she went through several challenges that molded her into a fearless and courageous person. With her first endeavor on social media marketing landing only several thousands of dollars, she knew she had more learning to do. After carefully studying the industry’s ins and outs, she decided to establish her first influencer marketing company, Electric Mind. Following this, she took on a project with the largest event company called Insomniac in their first-ever influencer campaign for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). There, she gave the team over 50 million in reach across various social media platforms. Later, she became the main influencer plug and garnered more than 1 billion collective views for the event. 

Since then, Tara Electra has been recognized as industry leader on the internet. With an unparalleled work ethic, passion, and determination for her craft, she has established a massive network in Los Angeles. Moreover, she has been able to turn these relationships into multi-million dollar businesses. Most recently, famous social media personality Tana Mongeau, who has over 5 million followers, dropped a comment on Tara’s post highlighting how Tara has been helping her make millions of dollars. For Electra, the phrase “your network is your net worth” holds true.

Today, Tara Electra and Unruly Agency continue to empower and help women take their dreams to the apex. By building a community of creatives from different parts of the world, Tara helps travel, lifestyle, and brand enthusiasts turn their interest into financial gain that will allow them to live and enjoy life without financial limitations. Indeed, this social media marketing mogul is a true inspiration to aspiring female bosses. 

Learn more about Tara Electra and Unruly Agency by visiting her Instagram.

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