Finniog Ceo of MineAlong launches New Minecraft Server

With thousands of Minecraft servers out there, it can be a daunting decision to look for those worth committing time to.

MineAlong Ceo Finniog has been breaking the chains with the latest Minecraft server that released on Christmas. The new MineAlong server allows Minecraft players to play various mini games ,cosmetics, and in app purchasing.

Since the new release on Christmas Day , Minecraft has seen a spike in its online play members . With over 5,000 players on the network at peak hours , the competition isn’t even close to catching up .

MineAlong is so far ahead of other similar mini-game Minecraft servers that it’s almost unfair. The server is engrained deep enough within the game’s culture that it can almost be said that all Minecrafters need to experience it before they can even begin to think about calling themselves experienced in the game.

However, what truly sets the MineAlong Network Minecraft server apart from others is the underlying quality of the game modes, with all aspects having a highly polished and well-refined feel right from the moment of joining.

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