Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO Battles Alcohol Use Disorder In 2021

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects roughly 16 million people in the United States. Sadly, Sr. Roy Andrade, Cyber Boy Corp.’s Founder and CEO is part of that census. An estimated 95,0005 people die from alcohol-related illnesses every year, which ranks alcohol as the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Among American males, 52,499 liver disease deaths happened and 45.4% involved alcohol. Sr. Roy Andrade sat down with our reporter, Mrs. Brown, in a rare inside look at his personal life.

Mrs. Brown: “Roy, I say this tearfully, what is wrong with you? What are you thinking? You’ve published books, you’ve been in magazines, newspapers, television, radio, you name it. You’ve been in business half your life and you, let me see here, we’re arrested for public intoxication on Christmas. You know the two do not mix well, right?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “I don’t know if you are going to mother me or interview me, but, 300 million people around the world have AUD. I’m a part of that number. I’m not proud of it, but, I admit, I have a problem.”

Mrs. Brown: “You do have a problem. A very bad problem. I can smell alcohol on your breath and we are sitting six feet apart from each other. You’re a handsome man. You should be out and about with a woman, shopping or doing something, other than drinking alcohol. Yet, you’re wearing a SCRAM and facing new allegations of bulk cash smuggling.”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “I don’t have a problem with women. One out of a dozen will reject me, but, whatever. I dated the hottest chick in high school. She was a cheerleader and I dated a woman who posed for Playboy. So, I know God made me a masterpiece. I can not and will not talk about any legal issues, but, everything else is fair game.”

Mrs. Brown: “Fair enough!”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “A wife got so mad at her husband she packed his bags and told him to get out. As he walked to the door she yelled, “I hope you die a long, slow, painful death.” He turned around and said, “So, you want me to stay?”

Mrs. Brown: “That was a good one. What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “I thank God. I thank God first. The earth is his footstool. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love God. No one has ever seen him before, but, I don’t care. I think it’s John 20:29, Jesus said, ‘Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed.’ I am blessed. That may make other people jealous or angry, but, I know how to end stupidity. I will admit though, I drink a beer and review my daily planner at the dinner table before I head to the office. Usually, someone drives me there.”

Mrs. Brown: “How often do you exercise?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “I exercise two to three times per week. I have important things to do. I focus on those things more than anything and manage my time around them. I’m a workhorse. If, I am going to be the CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. then education, and business are going to be top priorities.”

Mrs Brown: “What about family?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “What about it? I (Long Pause). I. (Short Pause). I am divorced. The decision to file single, jointly or as head of household affects the size of a standard deduction come tax season. And, my filing status is single. So, I have to focus on work, but, the idea of remarriage has crossed my mind. However, it’s not something I dwell on every day like Macerich or Wells Fargo or Cyber Boy Corp..”

Mrs. Brown: “How much alcohol do you consume everyday?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “Enough.”

Mrs. Brown: “Enough?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “Enough, to get the job done. I multitask and accomplish as much as I can everyday. Some people aren’t cut out to do what I do.”

Mrs. Brown: “And what is that?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “Work without a second to spare. I’m always working!”

Mrs. Brown: “What are you doing to overcome alcohol addiction?”

Sr. Roy Andrade: “If the breweries raise their prices, then I will drink less. I may not even drink at all. I am more concerned of overcoming SARS-COV-2. Did you hear about Louisiana congressman-elect Luke Letlow? You know what? I have to go, my ride is here, and she is upset. This is the third time she’s honked the horn. I have to go. I have a lot of work to do in Beverly Hills. Thank you, ma’am for this interview.”

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