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How Matt Heller Founded Horn Blasters, The Loudest Company in Florida




Have you ever wished your horn were louder? More manly? Something that really told people how much their bad driving affected you? We’ve all been there, but all too often our vehicle’s factory horn is too quiet, too high-pitched, and simply not indignant enough to get our point across.

This is the exact problem that was the seed behind Matt Heller’s company, Horn Blasters.

Matthew Heller, born in October 1981, is an American Entrepreneur from Florida who started his own business from the ground up when he was only 20 years old. Heller was fed up with being constantly cut off by bad drivers just because his truck was “small”, and wanted to find a harmless way to deal with these pushy drivers and be noticed when on the road.

Heller took a look at his own truck and wondered if he could jerry-rig something to his airbags that would increase the loudness of the horn. To his surprise not only was it possible – it worked. This was the spark that started Horn Blasters.

Heller noticed that there was an untapped market in the vehicle horn industry and, in 2002, set about developing air horns that would really pack a punch, like a train horn. Matthew started to create these air horns from anything that he could find lying around, anywhere that he could find space to do it, and from this, he was successful in inventing one of the original train horn systems specifically for vehicles.

With his air horn created, Matthew started to sell his horns whenever he had some free time out the back of his pickup truck. His horns became so popular that he was able to quit his day job and focus on his new business venture. Heller started Horn Blasters, Inc. and set up to sell his unique vehicle horns. From then on, he developed his manufacturing skills, learned how to successfully run a business, and found his customer base, or, as Matthew prefers to call them, his fans.  

As with any new business, expanding Horn Blasters, Inc. didn’t come without its challenges. The biggest hardship that Heller faced was learning who he could trust. He only wanted people on board who actually believed in him and his business, rather than those who wanted to shoot him and his ideas down. Matthew simply didn’t trust anyone for a long time, until he realized that it was preventing him from building his brand to its full potential. Luckily, Heller has found a team of supportive, reliable guys who share his passion and help him grow.

At Horn Blasters, Inc. they design and manufacture their own products to provide people all over the world with the best and loudest vehicle air horn kits. It’s no surprise that they are the leader in their industry! What sets this company apart from the rest is that they truly use only the highest quality components to manufacture all of their products and provide their valued fans with the best possible customer service. You’ll be very lucky if you find the same with any other company on the vehicle air horn market.

The modest company that was started almost 20 years is now a multi-million-dollar company and it only continues to grow. In fact, Horn Blasters, Inc. recently outgrew their original location and so they have now moved 25 miles south in Tampa. Their new warehouse facility, which was opened at the beginning of June, gives them the opportunity to continue to expand their range of products and services and provides their loyal customers with the option for contactless pickup at their convenience.

The Horn Blasters, Inc. motto is ‘Don’t Blow Your Temper, Blow Your Horns!’. Although they may not be for everyone, their air horns really are the perfect way for fans to let other drivers know they are there and have a little fun with it!

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