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How Blake Dalessio Pioneered A New Way To Live




Blake Dalessio, the founder of AXO Talent™, is doing excellent work to help ambitious visionaries discover a new way to live. His firm, AXO Talent, is a versatile media production, digital marketing, and talent consulting agency that lays its focus on producing engaging content, establishing marketing solutions, and helping ambitious people choose the right path for their career. 

Since its launch year, 2007, Alpha X Official has helped over 1000 alphas at a global level to make them choose what they love professionally. AXO talent is a global movement that gives hope and inspiration to misfits to help them achieve their dreams. It helps every alpha to become the best version of himself.

The founder, Blake Dalessio, is serving at many different roles to change the lives of people for the better. He is a director, editor, writer, cinematographer, artist, actor, model, designer, talent consultant, brand architect, marketing expert, project manager, networking liaison, web developer, sales experts, travel connoisseur, life coach, massage therapist, philosopher, sociologist, and philanthropist.

Through his agency, AXO Talent, he focuses on personal branding, media production, digital marketing, graphic design, creative direction, business communications, talent consulting, e-commerce, online education, brand development, project management, event coordination, and travel counseling. His team makes use of over 10 years of experience to produce professional media to deliver high-quality content for any project.

Blake Dalessio helps people to implement a system to help them follow their passion with ease. AXO Talent only selects ambitious individuals with serious goals and helps them utilize their skills to unlock their full potential. AXO Talent helps people to find a new way to live and build a career following their passion. It doesn’t sell out for money and stays true to its core values.

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