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How 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Nabeel Ahmad is Helping Brands Drive Growth




Establishing credibility, relevance, and accessibility are some of the most important ways in which brands drive growth. Amidst the growing clutter, entrepreneurs today have to ensure their strategies are calculated and responsive to ensure the survival of their business. Nabeel Ahmad is one of the few successful entrepreneurs who helps businesses rise above the clutter and establish themselves as strong players within their industries.

The 22 year old is an internationally recognized marketing specialist, and his expertise on marketing related topics is sought by some of the biggest media outlets in the world including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business2Community,, ReadWrite, and many more. He was named as the #1 inspiring entrepreneur to watch in 2020 by Entrepreneur Magazine, and one of the top 20 marketing influencers of 2019 by Yahoo Finance. He has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Fortune 500 companies like Walt Disney Studios. 

With technology integrated so deeply into the lives of consumers, it is essential for businesses to be online as well. Digital marketing serves as an easier way for brands to tell their stories and bring them to life on an online platform and that is what  Nabeel’s most prominent venture, Vertabyte, is all about. Vertabyte is a full-service digital media agency that partners with enterprises to drive growth by identifying their needs and crafting top-notch solutions relating to website development, brand management, marketing and more. The agency organizes itself by directing focus on design, development, and growth aspects of their clients’ business while maintaining clarity through effective communication across departments.

Apart from that, Nabeel also runs Mogul Press, a public relations agency specialised in media placements, and personal branding. The agency aims to help people and brands develop strong PR strategies to obtain maximum exposure, build strong credibility, and form appropriate perceptions in the minds of their target audience. According to Nabeel, it all boils down to how the brand appears to the world. He said, “It all comes down to one thing – what image are you going to portray to the world about your business? If you don’t act and build your media presence, you will lack a critical pillar in your business structure.”

Having made a mark in the field of marketing and public relations, Nabeel’s journey took him to venture into the ever-growing technology solutions industry. He founded BulletCoders, a software outsourcing company that works with enterprises dealing with a range of services inclusive of website development and mobile application development. They also aim to provide solutions relating to artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Nabeel’s companies operate in cohesion with each other due to their complementary nature. He believes that for businesses to succeed, a winning idea is not enough. In the digital age where online presence is crucial, many brands don’t realize the importance of effective online marketing and PR. He feels it is essential for brands to extend their reach through clutter breaking marketing strategies and strategic media placements.

It seems evident that Nabeel has a broad understanding of business as he has made remarkable impact in the fields of marketing, public relations, sales, technology and more. He not only appears to have turned into the go-to person for enterprises that are looking to drive growth and scale their businesses but also a major source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs of his age who are looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

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