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Billboard 100 Music Artist Iris Stryx on how to Dominate the Music Industry




Billboard music sensation Iris Stryx is rocking the music industry with her exceptional composition. She is a world renowned18 years old singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her track Island Girl received almost 2 million views on YouTube. She produces her tracks under Waterbear Music. The set-up and the lyrics in the track Have A Good Time’ are built in such a way that it creates a great impact on listeners mind. The whole thing in her track adds a level of trip-hop to the experience. There is continuous change in the movement of the music and thus the track doesn’t seem monotonous. Multi-genre artist Iris Stryx’s performance in the track makes it stand out among all other tracks.

Want to elevate yourself to the top 0.5% of all musicians in the world? Overcome the simple issues that kill your music career success according to Iris Stryx. This instantly lifts you to the top of your so-called competition. Yes, it’s really that simple!

How to stop self-sabotage in your music career and set yourself up for success in the music industry. Its all about the below according to Iris.

Learn to choose what matters. You must choose to do the things that move your career forward. Learn what you need to do to become successful. Then commit to taking consistent action on what you learn.

Learn the difference between an expense and an investment. An expense takes money out of your pocket (or time out of your life) and that money/time never comes back to you. Paying for high-speed internet, mobile phone or cable TV are examples of financial expenses. Spending time on Facebook, partying or watching TV are examples of time expenses.

An investment is something you invest your money (or time) into to get long-term value in return. Investing time to learn about the music industry, getting music career training, joining a music business mastermind group are examples of investments into your music career.

You must seek to minimize expenses and maximize investments.

Fact: there is no such thing as “no time” or “no money” to do something. There are only choices you make with your time and money. Be honest with yourself about your priorities and act accordingly.

Replace “I should” with “I must”. Stop saying: “I should invest more into my music career” or “I should stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” or “I should learn more about the music business”. Saying “should” gives you a way out and makes it easy to avoid taking action. This mindset lacks urgency and commitment.

Hint: this is the mindset that most of your competitors have. This is why they virtually always fail.

Successful pro musicians think and act with a much higher sense of urgency. They say “I MUST invest more time into my music career”, “I MUST stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” and “I MUST learn more about the music business.” This mindset refuses to accept anything but success. It ignites the fire under your butt to do what you must do to make it in the music business.

These simple changes in your attitude make it easy to beat your competition and become a successful professional musician like Iris Stryx.

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