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Majestic Diving of Santa Claus in Aquarium




Christmas is a time for gifts, specifically unexpected gifts from unexpected people! Have you ever thought of diving Santa? Probably not!

But Santa Claus has the thought of dive! Well, he not just thought, he actually did that among aquatic angels.


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Toronto, spotted this magnificent scene before Christmas of 2019. The aquarium is a great piece of attraction for people of all ages. And in this festive season, Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto remains quite crowded. The visitors were aware of the surprise waiting for them, but they were unaware of the exact surprise.


Actually, Ripley’s Aquarium of Toronto, Ontario, is well aware of the craze of the visitors. That’s why they have strategically introduced the 30% discount coupon for online booking to pull more crowds in this festive season. It is just like their “Christmas with Santa” scheme.

Dive shows are one of the major attractions of this aquarium, but this time, it is in the limelight because the diver is Santa himself. Ray Bay Dive Shows and Rainbow Reef Dive Shows are delighting people of all ages, but dive show with Santa or his Elves is a difference.

From 29th of November to 20th December, there was a single Ray Bay dive show with Santa or his Elves. However, it was literally hard to get the tickets as everyone was targeting this particular show.

Seeing the popularity among the visitors, the management planned something special for the visitors. It is the main reason behind organizing both Ray Bay dive show and Rainbow Reef Dive Show with Santa or his Elves on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of December.

Why Are These Two Particular Segments Chosen?

Watching the diving show in the Ray bay is always a delight to the viewers, and when the diver is dressed as Santa, undoubtedly, it became the greatest delight for Christmas.

Well, it’s quite a different scenario to see our traditional Santa Claus of red and white robes and black boots in flippers and diving mask. But that’s what attracted all the visitors. It is a thrill for everyone to see Santa diving among the sharks.

The same thing applies to the Rainbow reef. It is more popular among the children for the beautiful aquatic species of saltwater. Another reason for its popularity is the corals. It appears to be a miniature ocean in the aquarium. Seeing a diver in this aquarium is not less than experiencing scuba-diving.

It will not be wrong to claim that these two genres are the most popular ones in Ripley’s aquarium regarding the diving show. The management naturally selected these two segments to show the diving of Santa.

What Happened?

In Toronto’s aquarium, visitors are roaming around watching the beautiful aquarium fish until they found something different. The visitors were aware of the diving of Santa, but this was something unlike what they see each year. So it was a surprise for the children and adults who were present at that time in Ripley’s Aquarium.

During the show, an exceptionally talented diver came up and amazed everyone in the show. And the best part of the show was, the diver had no sign of uneasiness because of the heavy costume and wig, beard and everything! That’s what the adults were talking about during and after the show.

The diver was so efficient during the stunts, and the show was not a single bit less interactive than the diving shows of other days. The diver gave high-five to the children just like other days. Along with the pleasing wave to all the visitors, the diver did not even forget to give a fist bump to the children nearby.

The diving Santa was very comfortable both in Ray Bay Dive Show and Rainbow Reef Dive show, and it won the heart of the visitors.

Visitors Reaction

Visitors are actually overwhelmed with the diving skills of Santa. The shows were worth watching and thrilling for all. Some of the visitors even said that shaking hands with Santa is what we all love. But that’s quite clichéd too. Now, seeing Santa’s diving, they are not just excited, they feel that it adds charm to their Christmas celebration. 

Some kids even say, hanging socks to get gifts from Santa is good, but seeing Santa doing stunts in the aquarium is what they are unfamiliar with. It means Santa’s diving show won the heart of children as well as adults.

It’s like the children are now aware of the fact that Santa is not just a person who comes home to give away the Christmas gifts – Santa is a skilled diver too.

Where Else Such Diver Santas Are Seen?

Seeing Santa Clause diving is not new, but it is truly unconventional. This year, at the beginning of January, a diver Santa Clause amazed everyone in the Aquarium of Paris, France.  From 19-24th of December 2019, another diver Santa Clause was spotted in Dubai Aquarium.

Each time anybody spots Santa in any aquarium, the scene gets viral in the wink of an eye. There is no exception in these places too. The Santa of Ripley’s aquarium was framed doing some amazing stunts, and the pictures immediately got viral.

Reaction in the Virtual World

Right now, anything takes 30-45 minutes to be viral, and this same thing happens in this case too. This news went on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Of course, the viewers around the world could not resist themselves from giving a thumbs-up to this beautiful scene. Also, it got shared time and again.

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