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Hip Hop Artist Jovee Benjaminz Looks to Navigate his Way to the Top of the Charts




Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Jovee “Benji” Benjaminz is a musical mastermind looking to inspire others on his way to the top. He developed and crafted his unique flow from a young age when his older brothers got him hooked on rapping and music composition. Jovee is a versatile artist who is set to take the hip hop world by storm.

Now residing in LA, Jovee puts hours into his craft to pursue his hip hop music career. He took the leap of faith to get him in a musically inclined environment where he could maximize his potential. With an addicting flow that keeps you coming back for more, there’s no telling just how far Jovee could go.

Looking ahead, Jovee has a major EP in the works titled “B.E.N.J.I.” It’s a project that is sure to be a fan favorite and will feature a plethora of Jovee’s meticulous flows, as he puts it all on display. Jovee pictures his current lifestyle through his new EP and looks to give his fans an electrifying experience that grabs their attention and expands their mind. He’s been through many hardships and struggles to get to where he is and wants to help anyone going through tough times. He is forever thankful for this opportunity to do what he loves.

Jovee “Benji” Benjaminz has limitless amounts of potential in the Hip Hop industry. Engulfed in an environment that breeds Hip Hop stars paired with his relentless work ethic, there’s no telling how far up the charts Jovee will sail. Stayed tuned into Jovee Benjaminz as he is sure to be a household name in the future.

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