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T-Sexie Being Inspired And Different From Others




T-Sexie’s biggest inspiration would be her son, Amari. She is not satisfied with where she is in her career and wants to make it even bigger and further for herself and her son. She knows that he looks up to her and that through his eyes, she’s on, but she wants him to be able to live the lifestyle not just visualize it.

T-Sexie is really big on first impressions. She is the type of person to have the same type of energy with everything because you can’t just put the effort in when it’s a covenant. T-Sexie believes that is one of the keys to building trust, which is something people lack nowadays.

“My authenticity makes me unique. I’m very real about everything I say and most females fake it until they make it. I’m solid you can’t get this out of a comic book.” T-Sexie’s realness in whatever she does will separate her from the rest of the music industry.

Being pretty new to the rap game, T-Sexie is eager to start showing the world what she is made of. With a couple of new tracks out and more on the way, expect the female artist to make moves all of 2020.

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