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High Bay Lights Might be Costly but are Highly Effective to Boost Productivity




High-bay lights are used for ceilings that range from 20 ft to 45 ft to illuminate them. They give powerful light thus brightening up the complete area or large part of it. The commercial and industrial spaces can use the high bay lights as they require multiple light sources. The high bay lights fit naturally across the industries, workshops, factories and assembly lines.

They are also a great option for large recreational facilities like gyms, auditoriums, banquet halls, conference halls, and even for the storage facilities, day care centers, and warehouses. Any space that has the ceiling elevated for more than 20 feet should opt for 150w high bay LED lights to provide them with clear, uniform lighting. The high ceilings spaces are illuminated by the high bay lights whereas the low bay lights are used for ceilings under 20 feet.

One can use reflectors so that different kinds of illumination is possible while using the high bay lights. There are aluminium reflectors that make sure light flows directly downward to the floor and the prismatic reflectors to create a diffused lighting effect which goes great with shelves and such elevated objects in a space.

Various high bay fixtures like round high-bay lights, linear high-bays, architectural high-bays and grid-mount high-bays with features of LED lights, induction lights, metal halite lights, and fluorescent lights can be used as per the requirement. They go from easy on pocket to expensive as per the fixture chosen. They are cost worthy and efficient nonetheless. They require investment but provide long shelf life, save energy efficiently and boost productivity.

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