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Monica Landén from @WithRoxy Explains Life in the USA vs. Finland




Travel, lifestyle, fashion, and pet influencer – Monica Landén was born and raised in Finland. Because of her huge love for traveling that she discovered at 13 years old, she started exploring the world at a very young age. Besides venturing all over Europe, Monica spent lots of her time exploring different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, as well as various countries in Asia and Northern America.

Monica met her boyfriend, Gabriel M Padilla, in the United States four years ago. Since the couple enjoyed spending their time together, they decided to settle in the US. Shortly after, the two got their beloved Roxy, a Husky-German Shepherd mix, who has remained a significant part of the couple’s adventures even unto this day.

Their Instagram @WithRoxy showcases the many adventures that Monica and Roxy have gone through together. One of the most successful moments for Monica was reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram. Monica finds it very motivating when fans from all over the world reach out to tell her how inspired they feel from all the gorgeous creative content she shares on their page.

Although Monica, Gabriel, and Roxy are now based in LA, Monica makes sure they still spend a lot of time in Finland. It’s basically Roxy’s second home!

Life USA vs. Finland according to Monica from @WithRoxy

Comparing between the two beautiful countries isn’t that easy for Monica to do. It is a question she gets asked a lot on Instagram though, so she finally addresses the interesting comparison.

According to Monica, the following factors are the biggest differences in her experiences living in the USA and Finland:

1. Weather

The weather is absolutely wonderful in both the USA and Finland—but for different reasons. Since Monica is based in LA with Gabriel and Roxy, she does admit that LA weather is a dream. It’s nice and sunny almost all the time. While summers in Finland are pleasant, the winters on the other hand can be brutal if someone isn’t used to extremely cold weather. Finland is a recognized Winter Wonderland during the winter, but the temperatures go can go down to -45°C or -49°F!

2. Opportunity

The USA is home to the American Dream, and Los Angeles is known as an epicenter for opportunity in the media industry. Therefore, it’s only natural for Monica to share that there’s a lot of opportunity in terms of career growth in LA compared to Finland. The USA has a much larger economy with a higher population, so it makes sense for visionaries to try and make it big in the US. It certainly worked out for Monica Landén as she gained popularity as one of the most unique influencers that mixes travel and her globetrotting dog, Roxy in such a creative way! There are also plenty of events that happen all around the US, so it’s really a buzzing country overall.

3. Family and Friends

As much as Monica loves the vibrant life she has in LA, her frequent visits to Finland are a must. The country is so dear to her not only because it’s where she was born and raised, but also because it’s home to the majority of her family and friends. Monica enjoys living in LA with Gabriel and Roxy, but since family is one of her strongest values, she can’t help but often miss Finland.

4. Roxy’s Preference

Roxy is a main priority for Monica and Gabriel. Ever since the couple first got her, they’ve enjoyed every moment that the responsibility has brought their way. According to Monica, Roxy definitely enjoys their trips to Finland since she gets to go swimming in the lakes and spend time with her best friend, Loki. Yet, the couple is still deciding between their plans for the future. Regardless of where they end up, they are planning to live in a house with a big yard for Roxy and eventually having an adorable sibling for her too!

To follow their journey, check their inspirational Instagram accounts:


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