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Harley Cannard: The e-commerce titan helping businesses make millions with e-commerce




Cannard is a dynamic and diverse, thought leading entrepreneur who constructs high performing, cross functional teams for e-commerce brands to rapidly scale their business. Harley Cannards team has generated over 50 million dollars in revenue for clients around the globe.

Imagine a young boy learning business from watching cartoon & then 23 years onwards making a career by the ideas he generated as a child. Well, this is a true story, book and publishing worthy of a gentleman and a leading Australian entrepreneur and public figure we know, Harley Cannard.

Harley Cannards entrepreneurial journey took inspiration from a cartoon show as a child, a kid which sold homemade lemonade from a cart.

He, as a child faced many challenges in life, as Mr Cannard cooked, cleaned, cared for his sick mother. He was forced to homeschool him self with the help of his sister as he was too busy for primary school as he had the needs of his mother that took priority. Nonetheless after watching a cartoon one morning Harley cannard was inspired to start producing lemonade and selling it out the front of his house, his first entrepreneurial journey.

Today his name is synonym with the e-commerce industry. Cannard has become a successful Australian entrepreneur who co-owns “Amz Automation Australia” that helps some of the biggest brands in the world by offering consulting services. We are an investment for any brand that means business, our starting investment for consultations is $15,000 up to $75,000 which is a small sum in comparison to what we have achieved in business development and growth over the last 12 months.

And, within the first year of his business making a global impact, Forbes invited Cannard onto their expert panel being the Forbes Agency Council Member. This came as a great achievement for him at such a young age.

Our team is made up of experts in every area of e-commerce, video, advertising, graphics, product research, SEO, our team has generated over 30 million USD in revenue for clients around the world.

His company has already grown with offices spread across two continents and consists of a team of 20 full-time employees with another 8 that would be added soon. Initially, Cannard focused a lot of time and energy in building the business without first building systems, digital infrastructure and procedures. This was probably our biggest mistake early on, not having systems, procedures and digital infrastructure to handle the rapid growth. As we grew and got to a certain stage we had to then invest heavily into these systems and we paid severely for being late to the party, so to speak

For this, they invested large sums of capital into established and recognised mentors to learn the business skills and systems required.

Today, his business has become a huge success and Cannard with his growing company is able to spend time focusing on other growth areas  and future plans. We offer sought out solutions for any large brand and we are life experience qualified now.

After being able to scale his business, Cannard has been focusing a lot on giving back to the communities and has put attention to community projects. In the coming future, Cannard also looks forward in touring, holding live events & engaging in public speaking.

Starting from his humble beginnings, Cannard believes that many disadvantaged kids and budding entrepreneurs can learn a lot from his experiences of life and take valuable life lessons.

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