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Cory Hill: Helping hundreds of businesses thrive throughout the Covid-19 with his skills as an E-commerce Entrepreneur




We live in a world where innovations and technological advances take place every day and most often then not, these technological advances are carried out by the younger brigade of the world. Since more and more such advances are coming into existence, the world is becoming more digitised and this is what we must also expect in the near future. Cory, an emerging e-commerce entrepreneur, can’t stretch his voice enough to emphasise on the fact that people and businesses must quickly adapt themselves to the changes in the business scenarios brought by COVID-19. Cory says that since many small scale companies have gone through the worst because of the pandemic, it is time to rethink and go all digital with their businesses.

Cory, along with his business partner, developed an e-commerce agency called “Amz Automation Australia” that works for developing and scaling the online e-commerce companies, brands, Professionals and even entrepreneurs. They work by providing their consulting expertise to these brands globally with advertising that helps them make up the high figures each month. That is how the company has seen growth in a short period and today grown from a $100 startup to about $1,000000+ worth business. Cory, with his company, also offers assistance and consulting in other business areas to his clients like providing social media management services, e-commerce specialist support to brands, media personalities, and companies all over the world.

Cory, believes that the wave of change, coronavirus has brought to industries worldwide is something that is going to stay and urges companies & entrepreneurs to take full advantage of it by making their online presence strong and revive their businesses. Since the beginning, Cory always knew that building digital businesses would become the new way of the future. And, this also is one of the reasons why Cory who already had a job as a fly-in fly-out boilermaker shifted to the e-commerce world to try his luck after being a successful property investor as well, to see what the e-commerce industry can offer him.

His decision, however, proved to be a fruitful one, as his business partner and he saw massive success in their business Corys journey as a digital entrepreneur began when he realised the growth opportunities and also the inevitable trend facing online business models. Their company that became a hit in the industry before the pandemic is still going to pick up pace even in the near future.

He advises people to catch the digital transformation wave and make use of online opportunities to scale their business to newer heights. Amz Automation Australia not only builds lucrative e-commerce stores but also the company is focused on helping individuals and businesses to adjust themselves in new business settings and environments that are caused due to COVID-19 and help them restore their personal & commercial prospects.

Recovery can only be done by adapting quickly, says Cory & also urges people to learn as many things as possible in this wave of change to eventually implement it in their work and gain profits.

From television to the internet platform, Greg switched his journey in digital media with California Herald. After serving as a journalist for popular news channels he currently contributes his experience for California Herald by writing latest and trending Politics news.

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