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Famous Instagram Influencer, Jon Delgado, Releases his first Beats Album “Windy City”




With influences ranging from soft rock to Beat world, and a sprinkle of jazz and Motown, Jon Delgado’s (@jondlgado on Instagram) beats are established and voice-focused. He is happy to announce the release of his much-awaited album “Windy City” which is having a great reception and has already taken +10k streams in a few days.

“My beats reflect deeply my own experiences, dreams and feelings, as well as the universality of these emotions” said Jon as he shares his ideas and upcoming projects with us.

How important was music in your life? Do you remember the time when you decided you wanted to be a Beat-maker?

“I am already an Instagram influencer with my personal IG handle @jondlgado in which I share my daily stuff. Coming to Music, it’s everywhere. Although, I don’t come from a particular musical family, I remember the joy of music from a young age. Besides, I have always enjoyed listening to music since I was young, and creating beats has been a challenge that excited me. As I became more confident in my ability to put melodies stories together, I began to expand my Beats on broader topics: life, love, personality, and all the sub-themes that these embody” says @jondlgado.

Let’s talk about your album, “Windy City.” What was it like putting this collection together? Was there anything that surprised you about the whole process? How will you celebrate its release?

“It was like I knew what I wanted to do since I started putting the collection together. I wanted my first album to be versatile and diverse – putting together different sounds, and making it a cross genre and self-explanatory. I hope I have accomplished this” said @jondlgado.

“The album “Windy City” strongly reflects who I am – my sound, my ideas, and my feelings. It has a bit of every flavor and a variety of vibes.”

What was it like to keep up with your social media accounts and all the different platforms?

In this day and age, and as an artist, the world’s social media is a way we can connect to a wider audience in the industry, and this is what makes artists go their own way. I received great appreciation and useful ideas on my personal IG handle @jondlgado. Plus I also have an Instagram page @infanciaexterminada with over a million followers and it’s amazing to meet so many wonderful people to share ideas and promote my albums. Thanks to social media, I got a great and helpful exposure.

At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your Beats?

I hope listeners can relate to my music, find inspirations and a bit of hope with the universal message and feelings I have embedded in my beats. I look forward to receiving helpful reviews and ideas on my personal IG handle @jondlgado from my loved ones on my Beats and improve them in the future.

“Like many people, I have been through difficult times and all kinds of challenges in life. Despite this, I have kept focus on my dreams and ambitions, and have maintained a sense of purpose in my life. I try to be strong, focused, and righteous, and I try to never give up. So I hope I make the listener strive for the same” explains Jon Delgado while ending this interview.

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