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How Shadowbox Can Turn You Into an Influencer Over Night




Photo credit: Yumi Matsuo

With the rise of social media, the influencer economy has skyrocketed. And these days, anyone on Instagram with a substantial amount of followers has a good chance at becoming an influencer. Thanks to the meteoric success of social media marketing, a significant part of a brand’s marketing campaign focuses on reaching their consumers through influencers. With thousands of brand partnerships, brand ambassadors and Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, many have tried their hand at the influencer game, but not all have succeeded. In the past, some might have said breaking into the social media influencer industry is quite the challenge. But thanks to an up and coming social media agency platform called Shadowbox, becoming an influencer can be as easy as pie.

Former securities broker turned social media entrepreneur George Forman developed the idea for Shadowbox when he saw the need for both the consumer and the brand. Though he’s long left his post as a securities broker, Forman has found a new entity to broker and that’s the influencer economy. So far with Shadowbox, Forman has managed to help consumers get connected with respectively relevant brands so that each party benefits. For example, a young female influencer who lives in a beach town and broadcasts a beach-like lifestyle would have the opportunity to partner with a bikini company, all thanks to Shadowbox.

“We’re connecting the consumer with the brand and then the consumer is working for the brand, indirectly,” Forman says.

With the latest social media craze being TikTok, Shadowbox has seen an uptick in deals and partnerships between tons of TikTok users and brands. Thus far, Forman has facilitated relationships for influencers with brands like American Eagle, John Frieda, Beefeater London, Maybelline, and Ulta Beauty. Shadowbox specializes in brands that fall under four categories: fashion, beauty, music, and travel. By signing up to work with Shadowbox, even those with little to no social media following can have the opportunity to grow their own personal brand as an influencer thanks to the partnerships and sponsored content they’ll get from Shadowbox’s brands. Often times, the content is subtle and doesn’t feel forced, like many brand partnerships and social media marketing. One way Shadowbox executes a organic marketing feel is by way of custom Giphy stickers that correspond with the brands that their influencers are promoting. So for instance, when an influencer is modeling an outfit from American Eagle, viewers will notice a subtle and cute Giphy sticker of the American Eagle logo in the corner of the TikTok or video.

“At Shadowbox its real users using real products, producing real results for advertisers and influencers,” Forman says. “We also look to attract photographers and videographers to partner with influencers.”

Founder, George Forman

Through a simple, one-time signup process, aspiring influencers can join the Shadowbox team—all you have to do is choose the subscription that fits you best. Depending on each subscription, Shadowbox users will have access to different brands and merchandise that they can use to promote on their social media platforms. Members will additionally gain access to film studios as well to create and brainstorm ideas for content.

Never before has the social media influencer economy seen an opportunity like this. For the first time ever, anyone now has the launch pad to become an influencer through the Shadowbox business model. To learn more about Shadowbox, visit their website at

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