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23 Year Old Online Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar, Stuns The Digital Marketing Space With Entry Points Creative Agency




Innovative online entrepreneur, Kishmel Eagar, achieves amazing feats with his Instagram Creative Agency, EntryPoints Creative Agency, helping over 200 influencers and entrepreneurs worldwide

Founder of Entry Points Media, Kishmel Eagar, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses and influencers gain attention and grow their social media presence with a wide range of disruptive digital marketing solutions. From content creation to getting leads/prospects for businesses and growing/scaling Instagram pages, the 23-year-old entrepreneur has seemingly done it all in the space of 2 years.

The Guyana Born entrepreneur was born on 27th July 1997 and always wanted to be free to dictate his lifestyle. After studying and learning about Instagram’s algorithm, Instagram’s engagement, content creation, networking with popular pages, and building a following on Instagram, Kishmel started offering services to entrepreneurs and influencers. His results helped to increase his popularity in his niche, generating five-figures in revenue in 8 months and rising to the highest echelon in the industry.

Kishmel’s success led to the eventual launch of his digital marketing company named EntryPoints Creative Agency in 2020, offering a plethora of services to clients worldwide. EntryPoints was created as a hub for digital marketing solutions, offering several promotional services and latest marketing tools like graphic designing, social media marketing, advertising videos, unique editing methods and a host of others. The agency also provides clients with a roadmap and strategic planning for businesses to become successful in their respective markets.

The successes recorded by Kishmel have become newsworthy considering that he practically taught himself everything he knows about digital marketing. Filled with creative ideas and an entrepreneurial DNA, Kishmel achieved relative success without any mentor, guide or course. Although he came across several errors and several trials in the process of meeting the needs of his clients, he never forgot the goals and standards that he set for himself.

For Kishmel Eagar, his purpose was to launch a business and make money, and he seems to be doing well in this aspect.

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