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Global DIY Tools Market is Expected to Witness a Growth of 3% During 2017-21




A global survey has highlighted that the use of various DIY tools has increased a lot and it is reflected in the estimated growth of this market during the forecast period, 2017-21. It is found that the total size of the global DIY tools market will reach the mark of USD 13.9 billion by 2021. The technological advancement is the major factor responsible for the expected growth in this industry.

More Focus on Home Improvement

With the availability of the cheap internet, people have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the use of different home tools in performing DIY activities at home. In order to improve their homes, people are trying different tricks after learning from the web to create a beautiful home environment for themselves. Moreover, the increasing number of renovation projects is also a leading contributor to the expected increase in the size of the global DIY tools market.

The use of power tools has not just increased at the industrial level but it has also led to a big spike at a domestic level. Due to the building of a high number of houses, DIY tools are being used across the world. And it is leading to the high demand for DIY tools at an international level. Power tools, hand tools, and decorating tools form the part of the DIY tools market.

Increasing Modernization is Boosting Growth

With the increasing modernization, many complex things are being installed by people at their homes. Hence, people are making use of the DIY tools in order to repair such things in case any defect arises in them. In order to avoid paying additional costs, people are investing their time in learning to operate different DIY tools to improve their homes for better.

It is noted through the global survey that the demand for the best chainsaw for the money value under $200 is on the rise. The usefulness of this tool is leading to an increase in its demand at homes. Moreover, the availability of different lucrative offers on the sale of DIY tools is also a contributing factor for the high growth of the DIY tools market at a global level.

Availability of Affordable Tools

Various DIY tools suppliers are making available excellent offers on the sale of different tools. Due to the high-affordability of different DIY tools, it has become easier for people to purchase these tools without any difficulty. In addition to this, the use of different online marketing techniques is being made by people to spread the word about their brands among the target audience.

The survey has indicated that the use of power tools is rising in comparison to other categories of tools. Over the last few years, the use of automation technology has become a common thing in different sectors. The size of the online shopping market has increased a lot and it has made it possible for people to buy different DIY tools with ease.

DIY tools allow people to save a lot of time as it becomes possible for them to complete a given task in less time. Due to this, the popularity of DIY tools and hence the overall size of this market is booming like never before.

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