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The King of the real estate: Ricky Carruth




The act of buying and selling is a simple concept. You buy if you like something, at a given price; you sell if you want to, at a given price. If you talk in terms of Real Estate maybe it isn’t that simple. Real Estate hinges on a very complicate thing: Relationship. Relationships are much more valuable than transactions; they stay with you forever. 

Nurturing your clients, connecting with them, catering to their needs is an art, and one of the best artists in that department is Mr Ricky Carruth.

Ricky Carruth, born and brought up in Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast, is a top real estate agent, who also is a coach to many agents in the real estate business. Hard work ethics, dedication to his clients, market knowledge are his key attributes in becoming The King of Real Estate.

Ricky dropped out of college to pursue his passion for real estate at 20. It was tough in the beginning as his first-ever deal happened after six months, that being his grandmother’s house. He rode the wave of the market and nearly lost everything in the infamous BP oil spill disaster (2010). This gave him time to reflect upon his failings in the business and overcame it by reading many books on the real estate, observing the swings of the market very closely.

The disaster spilled on many agents, taking many out of the business, Ricky realized that unless you connect with the clients at a very cellular level, you’ll only be able to sell houses, not homes. He went to the bottom of selling or buying the property by/of the client. He went into the WHY of it, WHY are they selling/buying, what is the reason behind their decision, are they upgrading or downgrading, understanding the clients to understand the volatility of the market, ingenious.

In the same year as the disaster, Ricky made $100000 from realtor fees. Ricky never believed in “bad real estate” he said, “people are still buying and selling during downturns, the transactions do not go away, price simply adjusts to levels where people still buy.” He believes in taking advantage of any market scenario. By the years 2014-2017, Ricky Carruth was the best real estate agent selling over 100 properties each year as a single agent. Ricky translated this success into becoming a motivational speaker, a real estate coach. He started providing tips and ways to overcome the odds in the real estate business. He has amassed 300 Thousand followers between his Instagram and YouTube. He provides these lectures for free, with his profound knowledge and grasp of the business he wishes to educate more and more beginners who step out in this gruelling business to make it. 

Ricky is also, a two-time author who has authored the books: “Zero to Diamond: How To Become A Million Dollar Real Estate Agent” & “List To Last: How To Survive Every Real Estate Market Crash.” He also made an online course, developed a video library & provides a one-on-one approach to agents.

A story of enormous success, Ricky Carruth has been the number 1 RE/MAX agent for consecutive three years in Alabama, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. His honesty & passion is what makes him the numero uno in the business. Ricky’s contribution to the real estate business is gigantic and he, sitting on the throne, deserves every bit of the “KING OF THE REAL ESTATE”.

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