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Experts Share the Reasons why Homes need more Natural Lighting




Homes are where we spend most of our time, even when working. In this time of quarantine, it is home where we spend all our time. Staying inside means staying away from sunlight.

While in recent times, skin experts have advised against exposure to sunlight, there are many benefits of sunlight. Your home must get maximum exposure to natural light because natural light has many benefits.

One of the obvious reasons of having natural light in your home is it saves energy and money. The more your home is naturally lighted, the less electricity you consume, and the shorter is the bill.

Another benefit is, natural lighting inside the home increases the focus of a person. In the case when one feels foggy, they can soak in the natural light. It increases the person’s concentration.

An expert, Martin Feelisch, who is the Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology at the University of Southampton said that natural lighting decreases blood pressure. He explained that sunlight reduces the flow of Nitrogen Oxide in the blood; it helps in lowering the blood pressure and reduces the chances of stroke.

Natural lighting also boosts immunity. The T-cells in our body that fight foreign entities wake up on exposure to sunlight. In this way, T cells improve the immune system.

Sunlight can make people happy. It  encourages the body to release serotonin and endorphins. While serotonin alleviates pain and provides energy, endorphins are the feel-good hormones. These hormones enhance mental health.

Other than all these benefits, Sunlight is also a source of Vitamin D. It is a natural source. It benefits the body immensely, especially bones, intestines, immune and cardiovascular systems, pancreas, muscles, eyes, and brain.

Natural lighting at home is a great way to improve the ambiance as well as the family’s health.

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