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Oakland has the Most Beautiful Views; Here is How you can See Them




Oakland has got unrivaled scenic beauty. One can’t stop being mesmerized by the beauty it possesses. There are places where one can get the breathtaking view of the lake, the sunset, and the landscape around.

One can go hiking or go dining, and still find the gorgeous views of Oakland’s skyline. Oakland is a beautiful place just to kick back and relax. Here are some of the sites which provide an unadulterated view of Oakland’s beauty.

The Grizzly Peak is just short drive up into the hills above Oakland. Once you take the road, you’ll head up the single-lane winding curves of Grizzly Peak Boulevard. There are many spots where you will want to sit back and gather the gorgeousness of the bay area before you.

Joaquin Miller Park is famous for offering one of the vibrant skyline views in Oakland. The place is surrounded by coastal redwoods, live oaks, and majestic pines.

Moreover, the park has diverse outdoor entertainment that includes an off-leash dog area, horseback riding trails, a picnic area, and an amphitheater. One can soak in the beauty of the place at their own speed.

Jack London Square gives an oceanside feel to the plaza. Anyone who walks up here is astounded by the beautiful plaza in the bay area. Many people come to watch the sunset at Jack London Square, and it is said to be stunning.

The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill on scenic Lake Merritt is the best place for dinner dates. It is quiet and quaint. The dining experience here is exquisite. Lake Merritt and Seafood, are the perfect combination for romance.

You can visit these places and soak in the beauty of Oakland, of course once the fear of the ongoing pandemic has died down and the world is open for travel once again.

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