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Anthony Kannon Drops Single “Red Rum”




This quarantine season is a great time to discover unknown and up-and-coming artists. In the spotlight today is New York rapper Anthony Kannon. Anthony Kannon brings to the table memorable hooks, clever punchlines, and punchy instrumentals. This is all showcased on his latest single “Red Rum”.

Anthony Kannon grew up in a troubled living situation, but always had passion for music to motivate and help him through the hard times. He used hip-hop as an outlet to escape his real life troubles. Today, he is writing and releasing hip-hop tracks that could get him largely discovered any day now.

His newest single “Red Rum” has quickly amassed thousands of streams and is currently one of his most popular tracks. The eerie melodics, catchy hook, and expert writing make it an easy track to put on repeat. Anthony Kannon told us he plans to start releasing biweekly singles starting May 1st, so be on the lookout for that as well.

You can listen to Anthony Kannon here:

You can find Anthony Kannon on Instagram here:

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