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After Conquering the Cannabis Industry, Justin Townsend aka Big Smokey is Seeing New Horizons




To become successful in an industry is an impressive feat. How about running multiple different highly successful businesses across an array of different industries? It truly sounds like an entrepreneur’s dream, and Justin “Big Smokey” Townsend knows all about it.

From cannabis, to clothing, to entertainment, and more; Justin does it all and he does it well. His cannabis empire has brought tremendous success, as it controls some of the largest brands in the industry, as well as having won 15 awards for best-in-class products. After conquering the cannabis industry, Justin set his sights on other industries.

Justin would go on to create a multitude of other businesses. His clothing brand Loud Packs Clothing has seen huge celebrity endorsement and is becoming prevalent in urban culture. Hungry after a day of shopping at Loud Packs? Justin has you covered with two different BBQ restaurants. He’s also in the process of creating a record label Big Smokey Productions. What Industry will Justin take over next?

You can find Justin on Instagram here:

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