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Geez Da Gawd Impacting Lives and Breaking Barriers Through Music




Music is a powerful force. It has the power to affect people’s emotions and inspire those who need encouragement. And while creating music is not a walk in the park, musician Geez Da Gawd finds solace in knowing that his music impacts his fans’ lives. 

“There were many times when I wanted to give up,” the musician openly shares. “Then I get a message or a comment from a fan telling me how my music got them through something difficult. I realize at that moment that I have a responsibility to carry people through their moments.”

Babajide Bamiduro, aka Geez Da Gawd, is a rapper, songwriter, and engineer from Park Heights in Westside Baltimore. The independent and upcoming artist has been steadily climbing up the hip hop ranks. Geez Da Gawd’s sound is unique, offering a new street music flavor that has many hip hop fans raving. The world is starting to take notice, and the rapper is ready.

Geez Da Gawd spent most of his life in Detroit. He grew up on Seven Mile in the West part of the town. He started getting into music early on, appearing and airing on 92Q Jams Baltimore and 93.9 WKYS DC. His music started to pick up sometime in 2018. The catalyst was the hit single, “Little Brother,” written by the Geez and produced by Eastside Detroit native Gtrak.

On top of his music writing, Geez Da Gawd also does music recording professionally. The music entrepreneur runs Prominence Recording Studio in Maryland. The studio started when he began making original music. “Engineers wouldn’t mix my music to my liking, so I began to mix my own in 2016,” shares Geez Da Gawd. “I enjoy the comfort of my own space and saving thousands of dollars. Things kinda took off, with other artists wanting to get services from my label.” Later on, Geez Da Gawd’s little side project turned into Prominence Recording Studio, a full studio recording tracks for various local artists in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Looking to make the future of Prominence Studio a little bit brighter, Geez Da Gawd looks to turn the studio into a full-fledged record company. The music professional already has a few artists lined up for representation, marketing, recording, and distribution. In the coming months, Geez Da Gawd will be launching some local acts, starting with Yahboy Soda, the artist who gave Geez Da Gawd the idea of scaling the business to new levels.

Yet for Geez Da Gawd, writing and performing music will always be the goal. The artist looks to other performers like Future, Sada Baby, G Herbo, Rio da Yung OG, Peezy, Babyface Ray, and Icewear Vezzo. Geez Da Gawd has released many explosive tracks like “Big Bang,” “Sick Asf,” “Pool Party Anthem,” “No Jazz,” and “Wait For It.” Geez Da Gawd has seen considerable success on YouTube, collecting over two hundred thousand views on the video streaming platform.

Geez Da Gawd acknowledges the struggles of the music scene. “To break through and get recognition is the greatest hurdle,” shares Geez Da Gawd. “An artist needs to elevate above the noise to really stand out.” He takes those challenges head-on, never letting it slow down his rise to success. Geez Da Gawd is a self-made wonder in many ways. He’s creative, proactive, and more than ready to face all trials and mountains.

To learn more about Geez Da Gawd, visit the artist’s Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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