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FSG Rell Previews Upcoming Album “More Than A Rapper” With New Single “Big Money Shit”




FSG Rell is from a small city-like area called Pottstown, PA. FSG Rell’s early childhood years included strong family ties, street dreams, drug-infested street corners, and Hip-Hop Music. By 14 years old, FSG Rell began writing rhymes and free-styling in public in front of crowds. The reality of FSG Rell’s music potential blossomed into a full-blown movement. In 2017, he launched FSGTHELABEL as a multimedia conglomerate. FSGTHELABEL released its first commercial release “FMB” which included the street anthem “BTG” (Bag To Get). “BTG” reflected the grind, struggle, and streets. FSG Rell’s digital catalog has generated 650,000+ streams across all platforms within the past 14 months.

FSG Rell made his return to the spotlight with his new single “Big Money Shit”. The song, lasting just under 4 minutes in length, features hard bars, a melodic but hard instrumental, and groovy 808s. FSG Rell uses the song to flex on his haters and show his mind is set for high places.

You can watch the video for “Big Money Shit” here:

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