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Focused on Creators: How Leyes Media is Disrupting Talent Management’s Market




With a hard to find determination, Leyes Media has been recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies today, currently on the road to become a multi-million dollar bootstrapped company. Since its creation in 2019, this company has been characterized by constant growth determined by the quality of its work and the optimal results it has given to its wide list of clients.

This is not a simple coincidence; on the contrary, the performance this company has had in developing emerging and relevant talents from all over the world and different niches, its social media marketing services and managing the public relations’ aspect for hundreds of clients have been the main reasons for its progress.

With only a few months of being founded, the social media marketing and public relations agency owned by Kevin Leyes, a 20-year-old self-made entrepreneur with an important business career, obtains an important recognition in the international digital market. In addition to a large list of clients, whose results have generated great satisfaction and excellent results.

Since 2019, the year in which Leyes Media took its first steps, the progress of this company has been unstoppable. Expanding their services, hiring new employees and his huge presence on social media, as well as their appearances on Forbes, Entrepreneur, among other relevant media outlets, has allowed them to be categorized as a consolidated agency that now transcends in the management of popular digital stars and even businessmen.

Leyes Media has stood out as a company whose central objective is to provide opportunities for growth and exposure to its client list, whether they want to build their personal or commercial brands from scratch or give already established individuals or companies a boost in the digital aspect, including social media and public relations.

Building a Lasting Presence

The purpose of any brand whose intention is growth must be focused on driving a lasting presence. For this purpose, social media is the ideal tool. With the birth of Generation Z, the way to carry out the advertising or marketing of a product or service has been transformed.

This, in addition to requiring innovation of products or services to meet social needs, also requires the renewal of advertising strategies, which allow not only to attract the attention of potential customers, but also generate a connection and interaction with the audience.

In this context is where the construction of a brand becomes elementary, and it is precisely there, where Leyes Media has traced an important path, providing support and guidance to companies, brands and figures who wish to generate a lasting presence.

Content Creators: Leyes Media’s Main Focus

Talent management is one of the most innovative services that Leyes Media has incorporated into its operation. This, focused on offering its clients the optimization of their growth processes inside and outside of social media.

The importance of talent management for a brand goes far beyond a simple growth process, it is about bringing together the right strategies, focused on the right culture and guidelines to achieve results that are reflected in the advancement of the brand and, therefore, in its sales processes.

For this reason, having a company with experience and adequate talent development management, as is the case of Leyes Media, which can provide the brand with everything it needs to achieve the expected results and meet its objectives, becomes a fundamental element.    

From 2020, Kevin Leyes’ agency offers this service to its clients. This represents an innovative and fresh proposal that allows to find all the necessary faculties to obtain advances within the digital environment, in a single space, with a group of professionals of wide experience and knowledge.

Leyes Media has demonstrated throughout its history that it has the necessary skills to contribute with its clients in the proper performance of their business, implementing the best strategy, based on the proposed objectives to achieve business success.

Currently, although the agency has a great reputation, the team of Leyes Media is even more focused on growing on a global scale and maintaining constant innovation to improve each of the services provided to its clients. In addition, on a personal note, Kevin Leyes, the organization’s CEO, emphasizes that his intention is to remain a benchmark in various industries:

“I have set high standards for my life, my social circle and my professional career, so I constantly strive to become a legend in every way. My goal is to make a difference and disrupt the industries I’m involved in, while at the same time, we help people to reach their goals and dreams”, finishes CEO Kevin Leyes.

From television to the internet platform, Greg switched his journey in digital media with California Herald. After serving as a journalist for popular news channels he currently contributes his experience for California Herald by writing latest and trending Politics news.

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