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Florida’s Covid-19 Cases Explode, Dermatology Journal Links Rash Symptom To CoronaVirus





Florida has seen an alarming rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in the state. The Florida Department of Health has announced recently that cases in the state have risen to over 213 000.

The number of people reported dead as a result of the virus has gone up with 63 and now totals 3 841.

In Manatee County, at least 105 new cases (the total being just over 3, 890) have been reported while Sarasota County saw a rise that took them to 2, 249 cases in total.

As the battle against the virus continues, Sarasota Memorial Hospital achieved a record – most Covid-19 patients under treatment since the beginning of the pandemic.

As if transmission of the virus isn’t already serious and something to stress over, Florida Dermatologists also worry about patients getting rashes as a symptom.

UK Journal Links Strange Symptom To Covid-19

Meanwhile, the strange and rather controversial Coronavirus symptom, ‘Covid Toes’, have been positively linked to the virus.

‘Covid Toes’ are red sores that many dermatologists have noticed as a symptom of the Coronavirus. These symptoms are usually found in young adults and children.

As a result, Orlando Dermatologists, as well as professionals all over the world, have to keep an eye on their younger patients.

There was controversy over the symptoms as some people thought it was fake news. WebMD even reported that the link between the Coronavirus and ‘Covid Toes’ could be non-existent.

However, a study that was the British Journal of Dermatology recently published has found that the link is real and true.

It has been found that in the majority of cases, patients with ‘Covid Toes’ tested negative for the virus through traditional testing.

These tests were done through throats swabs and by measuring circulating antibodies within the patient’s bodies.

However, the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is the cause of Covid-19, has been found in biopsies in children who had ‘Covid Toes’.

This was despite them testing negative with the traditional tests.

Through analyses, the virus was detected in the skin’s blood vessel endothelial cells. According to the journal, it was also detected in the sweat glands.

The endothelial damage that is induced by Covid-19 could be the main reason for the ‘Covid Toes’ symptom.

This is a scary discovery as that means many people may have to get a second opinion after testing negative for the Coronavirus.

Since cases are spiking in the state, Florida Dermatology clinics may have to help out with this.

There are many Florida Dermatologists who will be able to help patients determine if they have ‘Covid Toes’ and what should happen if so.

If you fear that you or a loved are showing symptoms or notice red toes, it is suggested that you consult someone like Florida’s leading professional, Derrow Dermatology.

How To Spot ‘Covid Toes’

This symptom is quite easy to identify. If a person has ‘Covid Toes’, they will have painful red lesions on their toes. Sometimes, the lesions can even be purple.

These lesions are usually only seen in the middle of winter so if they show up when it’s warm, you should hurry to a dermatologist and get tested for Covid-19.


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