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Many people only go to hospitals after realizing a constant pain in their bodies,  this comes after they link it to an accident they might have had in the recent past. It has been proven that most of the car accidents develop slowly unlike many other types of accidents. Some of these injuries include spinal cord damage, whiplash, and abrasions. They take some time to develop because when the victim is involved in the accident, the adrenaline rises and suppresses the pain from the injuries but when they come up they may cause you much more pain and damage. The requirement normally is that you need to visit a hospital whether you are feeling pain or you completely have no single symptom of pain.

Just in case you develop the pain and you are required to pay bills for your medication, Naqvi Injury Lawyers will help you get the person who caused you the injuries accountable and compensate for it.

A few of the injuries that develop slowly include:

  •  Brain Injuries
  • Cuts and abrasion
  • Soft tissue injuries


  • Brain Injuries


It is not a must that a person hits his or her head on a metal or hard surface so that they suffer from brain injuries, many believe that for the brain to have an injury, then you must have hit something. This is just but a myth, the fact is even when the head is shaken violently when one is involved in an accident it is strong enough to affect the brain system. With time, the person begins to have persistent headaches, impared speech, mood disorder, and many more. Brain damage is very expensive to treat and you will obviously need compensation for the expenses and damage caused.  Personal injury attorneys have expertise in getting their clients compensation successfully.


  • Cuts and abrasion


They may be overlooked but they create a real scenario where the wounds grow and viruses get into the bloodstream, always ensuring you see a doctor to prevent further diseases. 


  • Soft tissue injuries


A soft tissue is made up of parts like the tendons and the ligaments. In case you incur an accident, always visit a doctor and inform them that you had an accident and they will recommend the best procedure for your treatment. You also need to get an injury lawyer who will help you receive your compensation

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