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Education First, Profit Second: A Winning Motto for OptionsSwing




You’ve heard people talk about trading here and there, but you don’t know anything about it. Maybe you’ve never thought trading in the stock market is for you, but you’re still curious. Even if you wanted to try it, you’d have no idea where to start. You are the perfect client for OptionsSwing.

Founder and CEO, Jason Lee, knows trading is intimidating. However, he believes anyone can do it with a little education. This is why he developed his company, OptionsSwing.

Not your usual trading company

What exactly is OptionsSwing? Let’s start by explaining what it’s not. OptionsSwing is not a one-person trade group where that single person profits from all the monthly subscriptions. Lee developed OptionsSwing to help more people get involved in the stock market. His mission is to educate and empower people to diversify their income by investing in the markets. Therefore, Lee reinvests a tremendous amount of money back into the business and his community of customers. Jason reinvests in the company continually by making improvements and upgrades on technology and software tools. Lee asserts that OptionsSwing has always been about the people who invest their time and money, and by continually improving and upgrading, he’s sticking to his original purpose.

OptionsSwing is also not just another “retail trading” business doling out advice. Lee’s company is much more involved in teaching the process of trading; he doesn’t just tell his clients where to invest and how much to put in. Actually, Lee says he never tells anyone what to do with their money. Instead, he explains how he’s investing and why he made those choices. This approach fits his company motto: “Education first, profit second.” Lee dedicates his efforts to create a community of informed decision-makers who can learn to be successful traders. He believes the benefits of actually learning to trade are more significant and more satisfying in the long run.

OptionsSwing has even more to offer.

So, now that we know what OptionsSwing is not – what exactly is it? Lee explains, “OptionsSwing is an educational community, focused on teaching traders of all experiences how to be more disciplined and profitable in the stock market.” You know that saying: Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Lee believes education gives people the knowledge and control to be life-long investors. Despite what many people think, there’s no “quick fix” in trading. OptionsSwing has taken on the role of feeding their community of traders for a lifetime, and Lee wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jason is proud that his company is one of the fastest-growing Educational Options Trading Communities. Even though OptionsSwing offers many free services, such as a connection to Everyday Growth Advisers and daily pre-market tips on the website, OptionsSwing has nearly 1,800 subscribed members who choose to renew monthly. A subscription to OptionsSwing provides access to a team of eight, knowledgeable traders who use the live markets as their medium to teach people all aspects of the trading industry. It also provides essential tools like options scanners, bots, and hand-curated watchlists every single day.

Lee says about 60-percent of his clients have little or no knowledge of trading. For these people, OptionsSwing and its trained traders can demystify the process by offering practical information at their level. OptionsSwing offers five-day crash courses that start over every week and weekly crash course options on various topics.

However, the OptionsSwing community is not just for beginners. It also has numerous traders with intermediate or even advanced trading skills. This group returns to the community month after month for the expert tips and conversations that guide them to informed market decisions.

Start learning…and then, earning.

If you want to start dabbling in the markets or if you want to increase your current knowledge of trading, OptionsSwing has a place for you in their community. No, you won’t get rich quick, but you’ll learn from experienced traders, use the proper tools, and work in the live markets. With OptionsSwing, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of trading from seasoned professionals and be part of a vast community working toward the same goal. Check out OptionsSwing and their Instagram for more information. And then, when you’re ready to see what the markets can offer, join the OptionsSwing community to start learning… and then, earning.

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