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“Feel Empowered” With Canadian Breakthrough Teen Songstress, “Cmagic5”




“Starve your distractions, feed your focus” is the quote that motivates her everyday…

INTRO Emerging teen talent, under the moniker of Cmagic5 is a high-octane and soulful Canadian singer/songwriter, musician and model from Toronto, who started humming before talking. By the age of 10, she had already written, composed, and produced her own songs. Driven by her zest and fiery passion for music, she completed her music theory studies and classical vocal training from the world-renowned Royal Conservatory at only 16, and is a qualified vocal mentor today. What’s commendable is she manages to excel academically as a first-year student in University, besides being a self-managed artist!

BRAND Cmagic5 has a unique, confident and vivacious style that are representative of some of the brands she has collaborated with in the US, Canada and Dubai. With her rich, mellifluous, soulful vocals coming from a petite frame, Cmagic5 has the power to evoke a profound response. Her music is contemporary pop with a refreshing blend of old school vibes and futuristic sounds with the uniqueness of her sound created by fusing other sub-genres. By many, her voice has been defined as a cross-over between Toni Braxton and Dua Lipa.

Let’s take a deep dive into her music …

MUSIC Hot on the heels of her latest sultry R&B release, Cmagic5 is back with an explosive pop banger, a fresh and catchy track, LEGO which is an ode to yourself and self-worth. This is yet another showcase of Cmagic5’s prowess for exploring varied musical landscapes with profound relatable themes through simple, playful yet meaningful words. This one is sure to mesmerize you and makes for an addictive play-on-repeat track.

The tropical synth beats and hints of spicy salsa flavor bring the song to life. It’s playful, sassy vocals perfectly match the Latin cues captured musically and steals the spotlight. Overall, this earworm single highlights strong production work, well-executed vocals, and overall intelligent song writing, particularly the featured solo trumpet, which is the centerpiece that adds a spellbinding ingredient and is sure to leave your earbuds dancing and toes tapping.

LEGO has the power to touch lives through a bop with an inspiring message to value yourself and unplug from those who belittle you! The song overflows with an assertive and unapologetic swagger and brings about empowerment which is playfully portrayed from the artist’s own life experiences having persevered through her own trials and tribulations.

Inspired by a tiny piece of LEGO, everyone can visualize how painful “stepping on a LEGO” can be. The classic adage “go step on a LEGO” playfully restores and transitions figuratively to “go take a hike” or “beat it” and signifies how to be a sweet savage, when enough is enough! The lyrics, “Wearing my own heels… look at me behind the wheel” demonstrates this innate power. LEGO comes alive with a lyric video filled with visuals and graphics to enjoy. So, make sure you have your toes tapping to this one

CONNECT Cmagic5 truly believes that music is magic that offers an enchanting medium to connect with the world through its universal language. Her passion for making others smile and feel good is the motivation behind her music. Her upcoming singles from the much-anticipated debut album explore the themes of self-empowerment and love.

Fans, supporters and well-wishers can always tune in and say hi stay to her via their favorite social media platform. Undoubtedly, she is setting the stage for a promising career with a growing social media presence and is a force to reckon with!


Instagram – @Cmagic5 YouTube – Cmagic5 TikTok – @Cmagic5music Website – Spotify – Cmagic5

VISUALS To really get a feel of the songs, you should check out these creative music videos…

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