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Learning from his experiences, with innate passion and determination, Kianoush Darban has emerged as a top real estate entrepreneur




Kianoush Darban’s exquisite selling skills helped him elevate the luxury real estate industry of Dubai

Entrepreneurs make many mistakes in their career, but only those are the ones who manage to scale to the top and possess the determination to learn from them. If you have a passion for driving forward your business, you’ll strive to make the most out of your experiences. This stands true for a real estate entrepreneur, who had to learn the business all by himself, through various experiences and self-learning. He has now emerged to the top in Dubai’s real estate industry; he is Kianoush Tahvili Darban.

Born in 1978, Kianoush Darban hails from Tehran, Iran, where he developed ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur, since his childhood. He finished his diploma in medicine and went to the UK to study computing. He then started working as a sales consultant in 2007, at Phones4u and realized that he was great at it. His communication skills were terrific, and it helped him become one of the best salesmen in the company’s history.

Kianoush Darban then moved to Barcelona, Spain for better work opportunities, working as a Business Development Manager for DeVere Groups in 2012. But his childhood dream and passion to own a business, made him leave the job a year later, moving back to the UK in the process. During his early years in sales, he had grown curious about the real estate business, and to learn the intricacies of the industry he began working as a Business Development Manager at Countrywide – a prominent real estate company. He loved working in the real estate industry and worked very hard to achieve his objectives. He attained an ample amount of experience in the field and also served as a Branch Manager at the Bridgfords, Newcastle upon Tyne.

In 2014, Kianoush Darban moved to Dubai and founded a marketing and consulting agency called “KD Middle East”. His passion for the industry and years of experience led him to develop a more consumer-friendly agency, which in turn helped him rise in the industry. Kianoush Darban became the top Sales Agent of the year at Driven Properties in 2016-17 and has since held the crown. He is great at marketing his real estate agency and sold many luxury homes in Dubai.

His main area of work is around Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Bvlgari Residences, City Walk, to name a few. He even got opportunities to be featured in elite magazines of the UK and TV series like Dinner Date and Jack Whitehall Geordie shore as a rising fitness model and influencer. The hustler mentality and passion for learning from his mistakes have made Kianoush Darban a renowned real estate entrepreneur and influencer. Follow him on Instagram @kianoush.darban for knowing more about him and his work.

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