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Fashion Model Natalia LaLonde Sizzles in Latest Instagram Post




Natalia LaLonde

Natalia LaLonde is an international fashion model and certified health coach.

She’s originally from Michigan, USA, and also Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently, she is based between New York City and Los Angeles.

In her career, Natalia has developed a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to follow her path. Working as a model in an image-obsessed industry, Natalia has discovered a healthy balance between looking and feeling her best through diet, exercise, and a holistic lifestyle.

She believes that it’s important to not only focus on well being but also prioritize mental health so that you can have a positive outlook and perspective.

Natalia LaLonde

Natalia has been working as a model for over ten years and this led her down a path of health and fitness. Her educational background was in Sociology and Southeast Asian Studies, but more recently she became a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Through her personal experiences in the fashion industry, she has discovered that well-being is different for each person, and that wellness and happiness is a deeply personal journey.

Natalia believes that it’s important to not only feed your body but also your mind and soul. That’s why she loves going for nature hikes, running, snorkelling, doing Pilates, and traveling the world. She’s also enthusiastic about cooking and learning more about the health benefits of the ingredients that she uses.

For Natalia, traveling is not just about seeing new places. It’s the change to broaden your experience, learn more about different cultures, and improve mental health. By seeing diverse countries and enjoying fresh experiences, it gives you time to recharge, learn something new, and dive into an exciting adventure!

Natalia LaLonde

Traveling also gives Natalia the opportunity to connect with non-profits, sustainable brands, and charitable organizations. She supports Operation Smile and Sundara, and if this wasn’t enough she is currently selling consumer masks for COVID-19.

Follow Natalia on Instagram so you don’t miss out on her next adventure, project, and photo shoot!

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