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Domestic get away tips by Mr. Adventure Tristan Hamm




Tristan Hamm

Tristan Hamm has made a name for himself as one of America’s most prominent adventurers. Of course, he’s documented a lot of that on camera, and he’s got over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram to show for it. Between being the founder of CEO of several companies including Revived Outdoors and Revived Studios and naturally being an Instagram sensation, he’s certainly a busy man.

Born and raised in Canada, Tristan started his career in the pipeline construction Industry at just 16 years old, years later moving to the USA to pursue his dream job of traveling the world, launching Revived Outdoors, an adventure experiences company. Now based in California (living out his American dream), he is dubbed -Mr. Adventure – that guy that truly does it all. Today we catch up with him to get his insight on domestic giveaway tips.

Thank you for chatting with us today. How have you navigated yourself and Revived Outdoors through the pandemic?

Thank you for having me! This pandemic is no different than a typical day as an entrepreneur. Another obstacle to navigate up, under, around or a push through. You have to look for the opportunities for growth. Thats what I have done, and have applied that to my companies. I’ve taken the extra time to spend more quality time with my closest friends and family, and adapted my business to aid suffering companies. Since we cannot currently run trips, we still have a duty to provide! And that’s what we are doing. We are doing this through providing our resources at Revived, through marketing and video services! Helping to consult companies on their current opportunities for growth, then getting that vision out to the world.

What are your top three must visit destinations for a California based adventure filled weekend getaway?

For the hikers and climbers, Yosemite. The road trippers and beach lovers, Big Sur! And the desert runners, well Mojave desert will make you feel like you are on another planet! Especially if you want to watch the moon rise.

Tristan Hamm

What three activities do you suggest doing in…

The first timer: Stick to basic parks and nature walks such as Sequoia national park or devils post piles!

The intermediate: A good day of sand boarding at one of the California dunes is always a goto!

The expert: Rock climb Yosemite, Joshua Tree, or mammoth lakes!

Car-camping, Over-landing, or backpacking?

Every time I will pick overlanding. Having everything strapped to the back of your 4 x 4 truly makes you feel unstoppable. Its 1/10th the price of Van-life and can take you 10x as far! Then when you run out of road, make base camp, and head out for a backpacking trip! My current overlanding rig is a fully rigged out and lifted Subaru Outback! The longest I lived in it was 3 months up through Alaska, CANADA, and the USA.

What food do you suggest bringing for a pick me up snack?

Nutrition is extremely important in the wilderness, so ensure to always do your research behind that. But my favorite go-to has to be a snickers bar. I save mine for base camp at the end of each adventure for my victory beer and snack!

What major hazards does one have to avoid when going on an adventure in California?

Everything is a hazard when you are on an adventure. It wouldn’t be an adventure if there weren’t. All I can tell you is, do your research on your 10 essentials, be mindful of the areas you trek (loose rocks and cliffs) and avoid rattle snakes!

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