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In a Male-Dominant Industry, Hope (Zvara) is all you Need




With different waves of feminism constantly pushing for female equality, it is always inspiring to see women succeed in male-dominant industries. These situations are proof women can do what men do and then some. So is the case of Hope Zvara and her outstanding success in an industry that was not created for women.

When you think of truck drivers, what do you picture? Males, correct? The truck driving industry is one of the most male-dominant industries. According to The Business Journals article from October 2019, the number of female truck drivers increased a 68% between 2010 and 2018. However, out of the 3.5 million drivers in America, only 6.6% of them are women. Therefore, one would think that any woman trying to lead a business related to truck drivers would not succeed. Hope Zvara is here to prove those thinkers wrong.

After overcoming addiction and loss, Zvara found–ironically enough–hope in yoga and meditation. She realized the benefits and improvements these practices had on her life and wanted to share that with the world. Once she reached her full potential, her mission became leading people to live the life they love in a body they are proud of.

Thanks to her knowledge and experience, she was able to design the HOPE Process to help others excel. How is this possible? Hope believes it can be done through the three B’s: Breath, Body, and Belief. For her, this process “is about form and function not fast and furious.” The process she has created teaches you how your body works in everyday movements and how your beliefs affect the success you have in different areas of your life.

How does this connect with the truck driving industry? Hope knew yoga would bring benefits to truck drivers and help any body aches they may experience. For that reason, she created Mother Trucker Yoga, “simple, easy moves [which] target a trucker’s biggest concern, sneaking in much-needed stress relief, breathing, and enhanced sleeping opportunities.”

Because truck drivers are constantly in the move, she created the online yoga studio. With 3-5-minute effective and fun videos, drivers–and anyone looking for pain relief–can pinpoint the aches associated with long-term sitting and driving. The movements they will be doing are solution-based for instant relief and long-term success.

Zvara’s success in this industry led her to see truck drivers were lacking products to help the job-related pain. This is why she created the only pain relief cream for truck drivers: STIFF: Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream. With ingredients like aloe gel, menthol, ginger, and peppermint, this cream wants to avoid pain keeping drivers from the open road. And what makes it so great is anyone can use it, as seen in Tori Spelling’s celebrity gift box.

Hope Zvara’s success in an industry that was not designed for women is the clear example of hard work and determination. After overcoming her personal obstacles, she was ready to face any professional challenges in order to help others feel better and reach their full potential. With her help, her technique, and her products, many truck drivers across America have been able to ease work-related pain and stress.

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