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Justin Oglesby; An Entrepreneur and Specialist in Internet Marketing in Florida




Justine Oglesby is the epitome of hustle in the US. He is renowned for developing custom marketing and sales systems for local businesses. He holds multiple degrees in both marketing and healthcare from the University of North Florida and the University of Cincinnati.

The online entrepreneur, Justin Oglesby, came a long way from working as a business development and marketing representative in the health industry where he was involved in reaching out to medical offices and maintaining relationships helping the company grow market shares in strategic areas.

When interviewing Justin Oglesby, he explained how his life trajectory took a turn in 2013 while on a mission trip to India with his local church.  During this time, he became very ill and he was hospitalized for more than one month and nearly lost his life on multiple occasions.

When he recovered, he realized that life was fragile and he was excessively taking it for granted. He got the idea of starting his business empire and creating something from scratch that could help people. Justin never relented and worked tirelessly building his digital marketing business while still working full time in his job. His business quickly scaled and he was able to step away from corporate America.

Justin’s digital marketing company, BullBox Marketing, basically, helps businesses to create customized sales and marketing systems by leveraging targeted digital marketing advertising and using a marketing funnel to generate qualified leads.

Justin Oglesby also launched the Conversionly marketing company with his business partner Zach Williams. The company, Conversionly, helps businesses in marketing agencies follow-up with and qualify the leads that they generate. With his experience working with local businesses, Oglesby knew that the main weakness of these businesses was following up properly with the leads that were generated. Justin and Williams have developed business systems that are guaranteed to increase lead conversions.

Justin Oglesby has appeared in various shows and podcasts as a lead generation, prospecting, and sales expert. They mostly target local businesses and marketing agencies. Generally, they help local businesses create custom marketing and sales solutions that will help them fill their pipeline and get new business. On the other hand, they also help marketing agencies to follow up and qualify the generated leads. These two experts, Justin Oglesby, and Zach Williams have created systemized processes that guarantee a boost in lead conversions. You can get in touch with Justin Oglesby through his:

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