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Exploring The Page “Resort” On Instagram By Travel Influencer Rasmus Peter Kristensen Would Give People The Chance To Share Their Passion For Travelling




The aim of the Instagram page @Resort is to let people know what importance travel can hold in their lives.

How can someone not fall for the beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, wilderness, and other exotic beauty of different places on earth? It is so difficult to imagine a life without all these things. For many people travelling is their oxygen and they can’t imagine a life without travelling to the many beautiful locations of the world, because that’s what gives meaning to their lives. This madness for travelling can be seen in a man named Rasmus Peter Kristensen. He and his wife are on a mission to explore the world and experience each and everything that life can offer by going to every location their heart seeks. Staying at luxurious hotels and resorts are also what they enjoy, which gives them an exotic high.

Rasmus for his pure fondness and his passion for travelling decided to start a page on Instagram called “Resort” which helps people map out the world’s-best resorts and hotels and also put in front of millions of others, the many travel experiences of people that they must know about. The whole intention of Rasmus through this page is to create more awareness in people for travelling and letting them know its importance in life by encouraging them to travel extensively all over the world, enjoy each moment they spend at different locations, share the many places they visit, the hotels they stay and let others know to further motivate and influence them to do the same.

Rasmus is today a travel influencer, who turned around his life entirely after he faced a panic attack, and chose travel for giving his life a new meaning altogether. Rasmus had completed sealift 20 times, the naval sea camp where people are always on toes and are pressured both physically and mentally. But, Rasmus’ never give up attitude helped him survive all his struggles in life and this upped his confidence to move ahead with each travel destination he chose.

The travel explorer considers his wife and the people around him his life’s biggest achievements and his voyages with his wife are something that has inspired millions of people already. Apart from travelling, Rasmus loves to train his female dog; a German Shepherd named Sika. He also loves driving motor cross snowboarding and has an interest in Thai boxing as well.

Going to each possible location in the world and influencing many others is what Rasmus has been doing since a long time and has even become successful at it, proof is the growing popularity of Resort on Instagram.

Follow Rasmus Peter Kristensen on Instagram @Resort

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