Maya Bagel Express is the best bagel spot! Check them out now, highly recommended.

Maya Bagel Express is a family operated café that serves mainly Bagels, among many other options that include breakfast, lunch sandwiches, pastries, and coffees. Maya Bagel Express strives to perfect a bagel. Coming from a baking family, the art of crafting or baking a bagel came naturally. Maya Bagel Express has staff that truly understands the importance of producing a fresh bagel daily for its customers. Check out their official website


Maya Bagel Express was started by a family member who had nearly a decade of experience in the Bagel industry. Truly learning and experiencing how to produce a perfect bagel that the customers and newcomers would fall in love with. 


Maya Bagel Express strives 100% to have the freshest ingredients possible. We make our bagels fresh daily right on premises. We have an extensive menu which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day long. We make our own homemade salads for sandwiches and only serve Boar’s Head meats, and yes, we do serve the best homefries in the city.


Maya Bagel Express strives to make the bagel fresh and delicious as possible. Quality of our bagels are a top priority and Maya Bagel Express has high standards to produce and distribute fresh quality bagels and sandwiches to its daily customers.


Maya Bagel Express has mastered and altered New York style bagels into its day to day procedure of crafting the bagel dough. Our NY-Style bagels are made from scratch and baked fresh daily. All orders are made fresh upon request, only using the highest quality products, with prompt and exceptional service.

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