Evan “The Biz” Develops Innovative ‘SaniSprayer360’ To Sanitize Big Spaces

Evan ‘The Biz’ has earned more than million dollars and loads of respect by developing a germ killing electrostatic sprayer called SaniSprayer360. This creation has revolutionized how the business and spaces can sanitize their spaces and work without worries.

For the love of New York and its people, Evan wanted to create a product that would take people’s worry away. So many businesses have closed due to the fear of germs and viruses. But Evan has created a groundbreaking product within months so that people can sanitize their work spaces, restaurants, schools and others to reopen their doors. He understands how badly the economy has been hit. So he wanted to do something for his beloved, ‘New York’.

Before any other business could do it, Evan achieved the product and outdid himself by not only developing but also marketing the product. Many big companies, schools, restaurants, the US military and many others from the US and worldwide have placed their orders for the SaniSprayer360.

Using the sprayer one can sanitize their spaces and work without fear. The sprayer is made by innovative technology containing the actively charged solution which has 75 percent less chemicals. The electrostatic sprayer is portable as well as cordless.

Up to 40 thousand square feet of space can be sanitized using it in an hour. It is a revolutionizing product for the time when so many businesses are closing around the world as it is unsafe to operate. But with Evan’s innovative product the businesses can sanitize their spaces, reopen and work safely.

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