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A Self-Made Leader in the Modern World – The Remarkable Contributions of Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise




As a result of advanced education and the media’s efforts, there has been a significant increase in the awareness of humans. Certain major topics, such as women’s issues, harassment, civil rights, racial discrimination, and gender inequality, previously left unexplored, are now being discussed openly on huge platforms. The manifestation of awareness in individuals is also a result of the rising social issues in modern times.

While many people talk about social problems that have now started to appear openly, the issue’s intensity still remains unknown. Nevertheless, in order to understand the depth of the issue, an individual has to experience it on a personal level. Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise, the founder and CEO of Lilia Foundation and OEIS Protection, is among such individuals who has experienced the severity of child trafficking when she was once proposed to buy a child.

Carving Her Own Path Towards Success

Being involved in humanitarian services all along her life, Dr. Mourise always had a soft corner for social issues. Whether it was as big as being undercover for different organizations or little acts of kindness, such as dropping off bread to the poor in Congo Africa, Dr. Mourise was active in all aspects. While visiting Egypt in 2009, she was offered to buy a child for $250, which shook her to the core. Mourise realized that in order to bring a change, one needs to get to the root of the problem. As a result, in 2009, she founded Lilia Redemption Foundation, intending to protect children from sex trafficking and provide shelter to those who might become a potential target.

With her dedication towards the cause, Dr. Mourise has single-handedly built an organization to address such issues. Even though its headquarters are in Canada, it has now widened its network to several other countries such as the United States, India, North Africa and the Dominican Republic.

Compelled to help the ones who require help, Dr. Mourise is especially targeting poverty-stricken rural areas where child sex trafficking is most common. With her belief in rescuing and empowering individuals by providing them with a voice, the non-profit organization is a blessing in today’s times.

Dr. Mourise realized the need to have reliable security services in Niagara Falls while helping and protecting people and assets at all costs. Catering to the lack of such services in the area, Dr. Mourise founded OEIS Protection. Starting from scratch, she established the organization all on her own, which has served more than 10,000 clients in Niagara and the Suburb of Toronto alone.

OEIS Protection by Dr. Mourise offers securities of numerous sorts such as personal, abuse of children and animals, health, suicidal watch patients, human trafficking, surveillance of malignant activities, and many more. With the aid of her highly trained professionals, Dr. Mourise and OEIS Protection have been working closely with multinational corporations, the corporate sector, government officials, and other prominent personalities over the past two decades. CVS Magazine has awarded OEIS Protection for being the “Best Company of 2019 in Investigation.”

Complimenting Her Achievements With Her Commitment 

Born on October 18, 1978, Dr. Mourise belonged to an affluent family. As the Queen of Egypt’s direct descendant, she had a lot of options in front of her; nevertheless, she decided to create her own path and pursue her passions. With her father working in international trade, Dr. Mourise had constantly been traveling throughout her childhood. She acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Biology Literature from the American University of Cairo and then decided to go for further studies. As a result of the revolution in Egypt, Dr. Mourise had to move to England after completing her post-graduate training from the University of Medicine in 2006.

Always having a knack for academics, she pursued her professional Ph.D. in forensics and political sciences. Currently, Dr. Mourise is doing her Doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology at Walden University and is soon moving to the United States to start her residency.

Recently, the dedicated Dr. Mourise has announced the opening of the “Tactical Intelligence Academy.” Representing the Dean of Academy of the organization, the platform is located in Niagara and is all set to open its doors in October 2021. The academy is one of its kind in the area that is promoting a career in law enforcement to thousands of international students worldwide.

Adding to her portfolio of contributions to the world, Dr. Mourise has partnered with Lilian orphanage in Egypt and Amirrancho orphanage in Brazil. Trying to give back to the community in every way possible, she is an active member of the “Sick for Kids” Organization and the “Boys and Girls Club” of Niagara.

Due to her hard work, intelligence, and dedication to whatever she does, Dr. Mourise has acquired a prominent position as the world’s top leaders. With her devotion level she has achieved in a short period, Dr. Mourise has earned multiple awards such as Honorary Doctorate from University of Ottawa (Center for Southeast Asian Studies), Honorary Doctorate from Los Angeles Institute (Religious Economics), Honors in ”Aid in the organization of events for approximately 100 middle school students and their parents. Assist students by providing academic and personal support’,” and several others.

To top it all, Dr. Mourise is working on a book called ”Angel from Hell.” Taking inspiration from her real life, the book is launching in 2022, taking about the generic life of a girl with supernatural alliances.

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