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Innovative Beta Bowl Teens from All Over the Country Are Making a Big Impact from Solving the Hunger Crisis to Saving the Honey Bees




While 2020 has been a disruptive year for many, a slew of Beta Bowl teenpreneurs have been quietly chipping away at real-world problems, big and small, and creating impressive and innovative solutions to improve our world today. Among the hundreds of motivated students who came through the entrepreneurship program and student accelerator, eleven of them have been selected to present for the 2020 student pitch expo. These students of all ages and from all over the country represent a wide variety of industries, business models, and areas of expertise. See below for an overview of the eleven featured teenpreneurs and their impressive and impactful businesses:

Ethan Chow, a California high school junior who participated in Beta Bowl during the summer after his sophomore year, wanted to tackle the very real, but underpublicized hunger crisis in America and the inefficiencies in our food distribution system. Ethan created Healthy Food Connector as a streamlined software using predictive analytics, nutrition guidelines, and food availability data to most efficiently allocate and distribute food to those in need.

Raina Jain, a University of Connecticut freshman who participated in Beta Bowl during the fall of her senior year of high school, has merged her years-long science research project and her entrepreneurial skill set to create a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) product to protect and maintain the honeybee population. Raina Jain launched her patented invention to thousands of pre-orders and her primary product is currently undergoing beta-testing in the US and Europe, with plans to ship in early 2021.

Krish Chaudhary, a California high school senior who participated in Beta Bowl this past fall, is turning his talent for software development into a robust B2B and B2C company, Software Infinity. Krish’s primary product is an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition software to maintain social distancing and contact tracing. Krish’s other products extend to automatic attendance systems, bank security, home security, and lane-line detection for safer driving at night.

Cara Gosin, a New Jersey high school sophomore who participated in Beta Bowl in the spring of her freshman year, came up with a creative solution to make in-store shopping safer, cleaner, and more convenient for customers and employees. Her primary product has national and even international expansion potential, as well as built-in perpetually-recurring revenue, and Cara has other innovative pipeline products in the works for CG Innovations.

Zach Schiller, a Florida high school junior who took Beta Bowl over summer 2020, came up with a solution for his short-term memory in regards to his favorite meal orders and menu items. Zach’s tech app, Sizzle, enables detailed order tracking and note-taking, restaurant preference ranking, and social networking and interaction to make group ordering easier and more convenient even to a wide variety of picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions.

Justin Leusner, a New Jersey high school senior who completed Beta Bowl in the spring of his junior year has built a thriving, high-margin video editing and branding agency, YF Visuals, which already counts eight major creators as recurring clients. Justin harnessed the skills and network he had amassed over his years as a YouTuber, creating thousands of videos and garnering tens of millions of views, into a sustainable, scalable service business for content creators and businesses in need.

Jacob Fleishman, a Massachusetts high school junior who completed Beta Bowl during the summer after his sophomore year, wanted to address a problem he was all too familiar with: the decline in mental health experienced by children on extended hospital stays. Jacob created Puzzles for Patients to provide customized, engaging, gender and age-appropriate and interest-specific educational puzzle books to keep children on long hospital stays hopeful, optimistic, entertained, and mentally stimulated.

Shira Cohen, a New York high school senior who participated in Beta Bowl during the summer after her junior year, decided to make her foray into the real estate industry with her student-focused campus-centric rental marketplace, College Homes.

Reed Paltrowitz, a Florida high school senior who participated in Beta Bowl during the summer after his junior year, sought to make personal finance information more accessible, engaging, and entertaining for adolescents and teens through his tech-enabled financial education company, Financial Learning Academy.

Maddie Novak, a Pennsylvania high school junior who completed Beta Bowl this past summer, created Bops Biz Breakout as a direct guide for aspiring independent music artists to break into the industry and monetize their talents. 

Varun Muthu, a University of Houston freshman who participated in Beta Bowl during the fall of his senior year of high school and won over $15k in pitch competitions collectively for various businesses, has since teamed up with two other college students to launch Focus Group Investments and their artificial intelligence-powered trading indicator and pipeline trading bot.

Check out the full expo and watch each student video pitch to learn more about or get in touch with any of these impressive featured student entrepreneurs: Beta Bowl 2020 Student Pitch Expo.

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