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Entrepreneur Marco Valentinsig is Working to Bring a New Marketing Vision in the Italian Digital Market




Marco Valentinsig, an entrepreneur and Italian marketer, is bringing a revolutionary change in the Italian market world. He has utilized his 10 years of marketing experience and established the company, Beliked. Through this digital marketing firm, the entrepreneur is providing basic training to corporates regarding social media networks.

Born in Fruili Venezia Giulia, Northern Italy in 1987, Marco Valentinsig, pursued computer science and communications during his study years. Then, he dived into the marketing world to working as a marketer. However, the Italian marketer didn’t find it worthy to work as an employee and he founded the company, Beliked.

He is helping professionals in the corporate world to run a successful social media marketing campaign on networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Tripadvisor, and Facebook. Marco Valentinsig throws light on the importance of social media networks in the success of any business in the market.

And Marco Valentinsig is teaching the world different innovative ways to execute a social media marketing campaign effectively. He has brought a new vision into the Italian digital marketing world and contributed to the success of many businesses with the services of his company, Beliked.

The Italian digital marketer endorses the power of social media platforms to appeal to people to utilize them for spreading the word about their businesses. He is also helping new businesses to run a successful social media marketing campaign without having a big budget in hand. In a very little time, Marco Valentinsig has managed to teach business professionals the ability of social media networks to help any business succeed in the digital space.

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