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Entrepreneur Eric Preciado-Nunez Explains Where to Find Opportunity in the Digital World




American entrepreneur and advertising consultant, Eric Preciado-Nunez, has expressed his views on finding opportunity in the digital world. He believes that it is the personal value of a person that can present him with many opportunities to grow. Eric Preciado-Nunez has spread the message of living an inspiring life by raising his personal value.

Born on 14 November 1996 in San Diego, CA, Eric Preciado-Nunez has gained a lot of popularity in the digital entrepreneurial world. He acts as a private advertising consultant to offer advertising services to many established personalities in the business and the entertainment world.

The entrepreneur is partnered with BJ Klock, the Advisight CEO to help business people attain a strong presence in the digital world. Eric endorses that one should not fear anything that comes on his path of increasing his personal value to fetch more growth opportunities.

Eric explains, “Personal value is the magnet that attracts all good things into our lives. The greater our value, the greater our reward. Since the solution for having more is becoming more, we must be in constant search for new ways to increase our value.

It is the acquisition of more value that we must pursue, not more valuables. Our objective must be to work harder on ourselves than we do anything else. My good friend Bj Klock taught me that by giving careful attention to our philosophy, our attitude, and our activity we are making a positive contribution to what we are becoming, and in the process of becoming more than we are now we will attract more than we are now.”

Eric loves to take challenges positively and he carves out a way for himself using his excellence to see opportunity in every challenge. In collaboration with BJ Klock, the entrepreneur is working to build back-end advertising systems for delivering exceptional value to the VIP members of Advisight.




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