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DJ Rebuttal Is Next Up Out of Wisconsin




The state of Wisconsin is not normally known for its EDM or electronic music scene. The beer and cheese infested state hasn’t produced many well known acts, occasionally seeing talent rise to stardom. 

Mccoy Leigh, better known as his stage name DJ Rebuttal, is looking to change that very narrative. The Platteville, Wisconsin native has been making music for some time, gaining fans quickly with his unique style and sound.

DJ Rebuttal adds a new dimension of music, taking on the abnormal role of singing over his own mixes. While most DJ’s stay within the EDM pocket, DJ Rebuttal sticks to mostly R&B beats. An unusual lane for a DJ.

DJ Rebuttal has plans to release more music soon. Stay up to date on everything in the links below. 

Listen to DJ Rebuttal here:

Follow DJ Rebuttal here:

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