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Covid-19 had forced many Setbacks, but Bobby Dee Presents is building a Comeback




Just like many other Americans, Bobby Dee has been working through the struggles and setbacks that have come from the COVID-19 pandemic. In a business that relies heavily on in-person live performances and large crowds, the Covid-19 virus has been detrimental to their success.

Bobby Dee said, “The redo of all our postponed festivals is due to COVID-19.” He is working hard to find ways to make up for what has been lost in time. Bobby Dee Presents is a grassroots promotion company with the objective to provide guests with an unforgettable live experience. But with the cancellation of live events, there is no unforgettable experience.

The pandemic, however, is not stopping Bobby Dee Presents. “It takes dedication, patience, and perseverance,” Bobby Dee said when asked what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. He knows that in life everyone will face tough times, but he is willing to embrace every challenge that comes his way. “Seeing the excitement that we bring to people to forget the troubles of the world is the greatest reward for me,” he comments. Bobby Dee will keep working every day to keep bringing joy to people.

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