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Disaster an EP by Fresh Micks




As the most recent work from Fresh Micks, “Disaster” is a seven-track extended play that follows production and lyrics from Fresh Micks. Off the bat from the intro, the track “Drunk Text” is a downtempo and heartfelt display of Fresh Micks’ storytelling ability. With Miles, Keep You, and more to follow, the overall feeling of this project is soulful and warm with a slight touch of darkness to it. The project creates a perfect balance between each song, and the emotion is present. As the EP goes on, strong production and lyrics follow. From the jump, you can tell this is a high-quality project. Carrying good samples, basslines, and sound selection, more great projects are certainly on the way.

Though this EP was just recently dropped, Micks says he’s already on the way of making even more projects to be released. Though we don’t have any definitive release dates yet, if the upcoming projects are any sort of reflection of Disaster, then they will definitely be worth the wait. If you have not given Disaster a listen, be sure to! Be on the lookout for more strong releases from Fresh Micks.

You can find his Spotify, containing “Disaster”, here as well as Fresh Micks’ official website here.

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