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10 Makeup Don’ts for Beginners




Makeup is an exciting thing as a beginner as you get to experiment with several fresh looks. However, it can also get intimidating with so many products and make up tutorials available online. Here are a few makeup don’ts you need to avoid as a beginner.

1. Don’t Use a Lot of Products:

When you are a beginner, investing in numerous products is just not the right way to go about it as it will only burn hole in your pocket. Learning to do the right makeup takes time and practice. Layering too many products initially may not look quite natural, which is why spend on minimal products. 

2. Don’t Buy too Many Brushes:

Buying a good professional brush set is an expensive affair. Honestly, most advanced level makeup enthusiasts also do not use many of these brushes hence it makes no sense as a beginner to buy all of these. Instead of buying cheap brush sets, buy a few good quality makeup brushes, which will really blend your makeup well.

2. Don’t Use Dirty Brushes:

It is important to wash your makeup brushes after each application. It is easy to forget your brushes once you are done with makeup, but it is important to clean them or else it may introduce bacteria to your skin as you use it again.

3. Don’t Apply Makeup on Dirty Face:

This also means applying makeup on top of makeup. The thumb rule is to always clean your skin completely before doing any makeup. Applying products on dirty face or on top of existing makeup may cause bad reaction and skin allergies. Only applying lipstick on top of the existing layer is an exception.

4. Don’t Wear Light Foundation:

Many beginners make the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation shade and end up looking whiter than ever. Light foundation cannot make you look radiant, but it will only give you an unnatural look. Use a foundation matching your natural skin tone to give you a natural look.

5. Don’t Use Dark Eyebrow Shade:

Enhancing your eyebrows can make you look glamourous in seconds, but many beginners do the classic mistake of using a very dark shade to enhance eyebrows which looks too unnatural. Make sure to use the same shade or a shade darker for your eyebrow and nothing above that.

6. Don’t Use Dark Lipstick on Thin Lips:

We know that dark shades make you look thinner. The same principle applies when you apply dark lipsticks. People who have thin lipsticks should strictly avoid the use of very dark lip color, as it will make their lips look thinner.

7. Don’t Use Heavy Fake Lashes:

The trend of heavy fake lashes has become old now. No makeup look is what is in nowadays. You can use fake lashes when you need to attend a night party. Use a nice mascara and eyelash curlers to enhance your natural lashes.

You can always look out for beauty product reviews online if you are a beginner as you will find several detailed tutorials that will help you become a pro in no time.

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