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Specialist3ffect Drops 4 Song EP Titled “Lost Stories”




Specialist3ffect and his team of producers released their first-ever project. The 4 song EP, titled “Lost Stories”, includes 3 songs and an intro track. The Philadelphia native has been making considerable strides in his music career with more consistent drops.

On “Lost Stories”, Specialist3ffect covers subjects ranging from romantic car rides “RyD”, all the way to addressing his haters on “Lone Wolf”. Lasting just under 10 minutes in run time, “Lost Stories” encapsulates a wide variety of styles, allowing Specialist3ffect to show his versatility as an artist.

Track 4 “Yellow Cactus/Gotta Let Go”, contains an interesting switch up that was unexpected. Knowing that Specialist3ffect tends to stay within the r&b genre’s boundaries, the track provides an interesting combination of Specialist3ffect’s different styles he crosses. He told us he considers himself a hip hop and r&b artist—an accurate portrayal of his sound.

The creative has been working on new music and plans to drop a new song in early December.

Listen to “Lost Stories” here:

Follow Specialist3ffect here:

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